World War I

By xalam
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • The Schlieffen Plan

    The Schlieffen Plan results in the German invasion of Belguim; World War I begins.
  • Christmas Truce

    Soldiers from both sides come out of their trenches and share drinks and greetings on Christmas Eve.
  • Zepplin Raid

    First Zeppelin raid on Britain.
  • Germans Driven Back

    Germans driven back from Ypres (Belguim).
  • Gallipoli Landing

    Landing at Gallipoli
  • Sinking Lusitania

    German U-boat sinks the Lusitania, killing 1198 people including 128 Americans; this even contributes to decision of USA to enter war.
  • Beginning Battle of Somme

    Tanks are used for the first time.
  • Battles of Lone Pine

    Battles of Lone Pine and the Nek at Gallipoli.
  • Evacuation from Gallipoli

  • Stalemate Continues on Western Front

  • First Conscription Referendum in Australia

    Narrowly defeated.
  • End Battle of the Somme

  • USA Joins the War

  • Ludendorff Offensive

    Ludendorff Offensive begins in an attempt by Germans to break throuh the Allied lines and end the war; it is Germany's last major attack on the Western Front.
  • Communist Revolution in Russia

    What the title says.
  • Australian Troops Recapture

    Australian troops recapture the town of Villers-Bretonneux.
  • Start of the Allied Counter-offense

  • Armistice Signed

    End of World War I.
  • Paris Peace Conference and Germany

    January-June 1919
    Paris Peace Conference and meets to decide the fate of Germany; the Treaty of Versailles is drawn up.