World War 2 scott wesenberg

  • Period: to

    World war 2 era

  • Hitler Becames Chancellor

    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • Mussolini Invades Ethiopia

    Italy, under the leadership of Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, invades Ethiopia.
  • Neutrality Act

    Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the 1937 Neutrality Act, which bans travel on belligerent ships, forbids the arming of American merchant ships trading with belligerents, and issues an arms embargo with warring nations.
  • Naval Expansion Act

    The U.S. Congress passes the Naval Expansion Act giving President Franklin D. Roosevelt one billion dollars to enlarge the navy.
  • U.S. Against Japan

    In the United States, popular support for American action against Japan far exceeds support for action against Nazi Germany.
  • Senate Blocks Aid to Allies

    A group of U.S. Senators block the President's request for permission to offer economic aid to Britain and France in case of war.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    German troops invade Poland on the ground while Hitler's air force bombs Polish cities from the sky.
  • Hitler Defeats France

    Britain forces retreat from France and Adolf Hitler's armies defeat French forces.
  • Draftees to Camp

    The first draft numbers are drawn, sending thousands of draftees to drill camps all over the country.
  • Greer

    Provoked by the American destroyer Greer, a German submarine fires on the ship. In response to the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the navy to shoot any Axis battleships they encounter.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japanese fighter planes attack the American base at Pearl Harbor destroying U.S. aircraft and naval vessels, and killing 2,355 U.S. servicemen and 68 civilians.
  • U.S, At War

    Germany and Italy, Japan's axis partners, declare war on the United States. The United States declares war on Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • Russian Traps Germany

    The Russian Red Army traps and captures German armies that had invaded the Soviet Union.
  • Cairo Declaration

    The Allied powers announce the Cairo Declaration in which all three declare their intention to establish an international organization to maintain the peace and security of the world.
  • D-Day

    D-Day: The first of nearly 3 million Allied soldiers arrive in Normandy, on the northern shores of France.