World war 1 Time line

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  • France and Russia war

    France and Russia war
    During the period of 1870 till 1871 there was a battle between France and Russia. the reason for this war was because Russia wanted to extend Germany and as a result it evoked France to declare a war on Russia for the fact that France was fearful of shifting powers in Europe. The result of the war was an enormous victory for Russia which made France pay a huge price by losing some of its cities and as a matter of fact it helped the German Empire gain power.
  • The Rising of Wilhelm II to the German Throne

    The Rising of Wilhelm II to the German Throne
    In the year of 1888, Fredrick Wilhelm Victor Albert became the new Emperor of the Germany. As a Emperor he made a lots of changes in the internal system of Germany such as, changing the Chancellor of Germany. As an Emperor he turned down to maintain peace between Russia and Austria-Hungary and as well as keeping a distance with France so as a consequence of these actions it builded the foundation of the creation of alliances between the countries.
  • Russia Vs Japan

    Russia Vs Japan
    In 1904,Russia and japan wanted to conquer Korea and Manchuria so they got in the war which the outcome was a major victory of Japan over Russia by gaining the entire Baltic and Pacific of the significance outcomes of the war was the Russian revolution in 1905 which caused a serious political crisis in Russia.By the creation of the new government in Russia they put their interest in Europe specifically Balkans which made a conflict with Austria-Hungary who had the same interest.
  • Entente Cordiale

    Entente Cordiale
    In the year 1907, Britain agreed to join France and Russia for the reason that Germany was gaining power specially their military and novel power additionally they were in terror that soon Germany will be the dominant power in Europe. They decided to join alliances with Russia and France to prevent Germany development in Europe. this formed triple Entente which was one of the core alliances in World War One.
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
    Franz Ferdinand and his wife while they were visiting Sarajevo were assassinated by a group called the black hand. The reason of the assassination was to break Austria-Hungary’s provinces to Join them with the Yugoslavia. These events build up to the World War but eventually it didn’t create it. Austria-Hungary wanted to get rid of serbian’s threat so the only thing that they needed to do was to have this excuse to demand a war on their neighbors.
  • World War One

    World War One
    In July 1914, the great powers of Europe were divided into two sides: the Triple Entente including, France, Russia, and Britain and the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. On this date Austria-Hungary for the reason of retaliation they declared a war on Serbia therefore the powers in Europe collided with themselves which as a result, World War One began.
  • First battle of Marne

    First battle of Marne
    The battle of Marne was between France and British forces versus Germany.German’s had already captured Belgium and the north east of France and they were planing to pursue their invasion.At first sight it seemed that Germany should capture Paris because French and British army's were retreating towards Marne river but however there was a major turn around during the battle happened which German’s retreat to the Schlieffen Plan consequently they lose hope to win quickly
  • Second Battle of Ypres

    Second Battle of Ypres
    The battle took place in the Western-front of Belgium. The battle was the first engagement of Canada in world War 1.This war was significant because Germany shocked the war by firings more than 150 tones of lethal chlorine gas against France military in the Belgium. The gas paid the massive cost for France and British of losing 6000 people. Canadians fought fearless with courage in addition, they received lot of credit for holding back Germany’s advance.
  • Second battle of Artois

    Second battle of Artois
    On May 9th, 1915 the French Army wanted to capture Vimy Ridge by braking through Germans army. Seizing this territory back was key because German railway lines which would force them to retreat from France. Initially it seemed that they captured the ridge but they failed to reinforce their troops as a result with the Germans counter attacks, they failed to achieve their main objectives. The ridge remained in German hands until Canadians joined the war in 1917.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    The battle of Verdun took place from the 21st of February until the 18th of December 1916. This battle is one of the longest and bloodiest battles during WW1 which took place on the hills north Verdun. Germans planned to capture Meuse heights for it’s strategic position with good observation on Verdun. The Germans captured some places while were advancing slowly but French army were constructed in depth therefore with their counterattacks they captured the occupied places by losing soldiers.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    Battle of Vimy Ridge began on the morning of April 9 of 1917.The Germans have captured the ridge, one of the largest territories at that time of the battle which were captured by Germans.The British army previously had failed to retaken the ridge but this time with the great contribution of the Canadians they had a stunning victory.The Canadians victory in this battle is one the most enormous pride that each Canadian has and will remembered for the soldiers who fought with their hearts.
  • Second Battle of Marne

    Second Battle of Marne
    On this date in 1918, near the Marne ridge the Germans made their final offensive move in world war 1. German forces wanted to split French forces in the area. In the beginning days of the war German forces advanced slightly because of allied forces were aware of their intentions and had prepared themselves for offensive attacks. It caused Germany a disastrous defeat by costing them casualties.losing the battle it changed Germans further plans and they lost hope to be the winner in the war.
  • Battle of Amiens

    Battle of Amiens
    Battle of amines began by allied offence which it ultimately finished world war 1. Allied forces held a strong position at the western Front so they decided to switch defence to offence to surprise the enemy.The allied forces prepared thousands of heavy guns and they out numbered Germany.The Germans weren’t ready for this and many of them surrendered with their first chance.The battle took place until August 11th, and outcome of the battle was Germany’s worst defeat since the world war started.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles
    The treaty of Versailles is the most important peace treaties which it brought an end to world war 1 however the German side signed the actual treaty which ended actual fighting six months after allied negotiations in the Paris conference to put an end to the peace treaty. One of the most provisions in the treaty was that Germany had to accept all the cost and damages which it caused them and their allies during the war.The treaty punished Germany by making them pay for constructions.