• Russian's needed help

    Csar Nicholas of Russia appeals for help and supplies to relieve pressure from the Russian front.
  • plan to attack on the Dardennelles

    The confirmed plans for an attack on the Dardanelles are officially accepted
  • British sends troops

    The British War Council agrees to send troops to support the Naval operation
  • Troops are sent to Dardenelles

    War Council decides to send troops in and around the Dardanelles
  • Australian's reach Lemnos Island

    Australian 3rd Infantry Brigade arrives at Lemnos Island
  • The battle starts

    The battle starts
    Naval operations continue against Dardanelles defences
  • French and British ships lost

    Major naval attempt to force the Straits by 16 British and French battleships - 3 lost, 3 others put out of action.
  • Anzac's landed in Gallipoli

    Anzac's landed in Gallipoli
    Australian troops landed on the beaches of Gallipoli, Turkey.
  • Period: to

    The Gallipoli Campaign

  • Turks start shooting at ANZACS

    Turks start shooting at ANZACS
    Turkish counter attacks beaten off at Anzac s
  • Turkish attack the Anzac line

    Turkish attack the Anzac line
    Heavy Turkish attacks all along the Anzac line
  • Australian submarine sunk

    Australian submarine sunk in sea of Marmara
  • Australians raid on Gaba Tepe

    Australians raid on Gaba Tepe
    Australian raid on Gaba Tepe is beaten off
  • Anzac 2nd brigade leave Helles

    Australian 2nd Brigade and N.Z. Infantry Brigade leave for Helles
  • Unsuccessful attack by the ANZACS

    Unsuccessful attack by the ANZACS
    Unsuccessful attack by Australians at the head of Monash Valley
  • Turkish attack at ANZACS

    Turkish attack at ANZACS
    Turkish attack at Anzac is beaten off. 10.000 deaths
  • First monitor appears off Anzac

    First monitor appears off Anzac
  • Turkish attack on ANZACS fail

    Last Turkish attack on Anzac fails
  • Unsuccessful attack on Helles

    July 2
    Strong but unsuccessful Turkish attack at Helles
  • Australians take Turkish trench

    Australians take Turkish trench opposite Tasmania Post
  • Australians attack at Lone Pine and the Nek

    British attack at Cape Helles. Australians attack at Lone Pine, Quinn's Post and the Nek. Old No3 Post retaken, Table Top and Bauchop's Hill taken by the New Zealanders. Damakjelik Bair captured by the Left Covering Force.
  • Unsuccessful British attack

    Unsuccessful British attack at Suvla along the Kiretch Tepe
  • Battle of Scimitar Hill, biggest action of the entire Gallipoli...

    Battle of Scimitar Hill at Suvla and first attack on Hill 60 began. As far as the number of troops engaged, the biggest action of the entire Gallipoli campaign.
  • Lord Kitchener asks the estimated cost of evacuation

    Lord Kitchener asks Ian Hamilton the estimated cost of evacuation. Hamilton thinks 50% deaths of ANZACS might be expected
  • Sir Ian Hamilton on evacuation

    Sir Ian Hamilton replies that evacuation is unthinkable
  • The Great Blizzard

    Commencement of the Great Blizzard
  • The Great Blizzard ends

    End of the blizzard reveals that the Anzac forces had lost 1/10th of their strength
  • British Government Orders Evcuation

    British Government Orders Evcuation
  • Evacuation starts

    The evacuation of the Anzacs starts.
  • The evacuation is finished

    The Anzacs evacuated successfully with no lives lost. The last Anzac was evacuated at 3:30am.