World History

By Ryan. H
  • Geneva Conference

    Geneva Conference is convened to bring world peace to Vitenam in 1954.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Slain

    Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights, leader is slain in Memphis.
  • NIxon

    Nixon ends the U.S. trade embargo against China.
  • India Atomic Bomb

    India successfully test an atomic device becoming the world's 6th nuclear power.
  • End of Vietnam War

    Saigon is surrendered and remaining Americans are evacuated, ending the Vietnam War
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter was elected president
  • Woman Priest

    First woman priest ordained
  • U.S. Breaks diplomatic ties

    U.S. breaks diplomatic ties with Iran.
  • Peacekeeping Force

    Ronald Reagan orders U.S. Marines withdraw from Beriut international peacekeeping force.
  • Terrorists

    Terrorists seize Egyptian Boeing 737 airliner after take off from Athens
  • Reagan

    Reagan takes oath for the 2nd time as the 40th president
  • UN Troops Killed

    22 UN troops killed in Somalia.
  • France

    Frace agrees to end Nuclear testing
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela First Black President of South Africa