WL Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly Non-Fiction Total pg. 294

  • Chapter 1-4 pg 1-30

    President Lincoln commands General Grant to cut off General Lee's army from getting to the Carolinas. They are in Petersburg. Lincoln is worried. If Lee gets o the Carolinas there is no chance to get the country back together. Lee's army races to get to the Carolinas before Grant's army can catch up. Total pg 470
  • chapter 5-6 pg 31-39

    John Wilkes Booth has been holding seceret meetings and is planning to kidnapped and kill Lincoln. His wife has no idea on what he is planning. Now the Confederate army is starving and running out of supplies. Meanwhile the Union toke over the Confederate capitol, Richmond, Virgina. Lee's army is on the run to the Carolinas in hope for supplies and food. total pgs 479.
  • Chapter 7-11 pg 40-62

    To escape from the Union, Lee's army must cross high bridge. Grant catches up to Lee. He sends over 800 soliders to beat Lee's army to the bridge. They fail and are either killed or captured. Lee and his army are desperate for food and other supplies. they are weak, but they continue on in their race to survive. Total pg 501
  • Ch 11-16 pgs 63-90

    General Lee surrenders. Now Booth is angry that the South lost the Civil War. The North is celebrating and Lincoln is perparing his last speech. total pgs 528
  • Ch. 17-23 pgs. 91-127

    Booth is anrgy and is putting together a group that will kill Grant, Lincoln, and the seceratry of state. Lincol secertly thinks that he will die in office. he gets death threats constantly. He gives his last speech. Lincoln is stressed and asks his wife for a carraige ride. Total pgs. 564
  • Ch. 24-29 pgs128-157

    John Wilkes Booth and his assasination group are planning their plot to kill Lincoln, Grant, and seceratary of state. It becomes Good Friday. Lincoln gets wrok done and is goin to Ford's theater later that night. total pgs 593
  • Ch -30-34 pgs 158-180

    Booth figures out which theater Lincoln is attending. There is big news about it and it will be a full theater. Booth rides around D.C planning his escape. Lincoln knows that he will be assasinated.Total pgs.615
  • Ch. 35-41 pgs 181-203

    Lincoln is guarded by a great bodyguard until his shift is over and the new drunken bodyguard takes over. Booth's groups head off in different directions to do their jobs. There are only two hours to go until the assasination. Booth is now in the theater waiting for his que. he is seconds away from killing Lincoln. one of the people from Both's group, Lewis Powell, attemps to kill the seceratary of state and fails. Total pgs. 637
  • Ch. 42-52 pgs. 204-252

    The man that is supposed to kill vice-president Johnson is too drunken to do so. Booth shoots Linoln. Lincoln doesn't die for another few hours as doctors try to keep him alive. mary Lincoln is distruaght and Lincoln becomes offically dead. booth and Herold escape into Maryland where they recievie help. booth can't travel so well because his leg is broken. Total pgs 685
  • Ch. 53-63 pgs. 253-294

    Booth and the rest of the group for the assassination are caught. Booth is shot immediatly and dies. the rest of his conspiriters ore either hanged or sent to a lifetime in prison. Mary Lincoln becomes depressed. all of the major people (Grant, Lee, etc.) are desribed for the rest of their lives and Mary Lincoln and Abe Lincoln are buried next to eachother. Total pgs. 734