• Feb 27, 1318

    Enquiry of the Court

    The pope wanted to question the actual members of his court who had been accused of a number of magical activities. (i.e.associations between man and devil, raising the dead, he use of magic mirrors and bewitching with images and killing by means of magic.)
  • Aug 1, 1320

    Inquisitor Powers

    The Pope, then gave Inquisitor Powers to act against anyone who might make sacrifices to demons, worship them, give them anything in writting, made pacts with them, or made images to control them. Also against people who used consecrated hosts in their evil doings.
  • Jan 1, 1440

    Witches in Switzerland

    Witches were numerous and powerful. Their spells could only be countered by a regid religioud belief. They caused terrible storms, and caused both people and land to be barren.
  • Jan 1, 1542

    Witchcraft was a Criminal Offense

    Witchcraft had been a criminal offense in England since 1542.
  • Throgmorton Family

    The family was "attacked" by the power of witchcraft. Jane Throgmorton (who was 10 years old) was suddenly possessed by strange convulsive fits. that happened on a daily basis.
  • Commissioners looked for Pots

    Commissioners were told of a spot where pots were hid underground. In these pots witches had made poisons, and potions and powders which the witches had made because "the devil had told them to." The commissioners could not find them and on the way back said that the devil "had taken their treasures away."
  • Jeanette d'Abadie

    Four years before she had confessed that a women had taken her to the Sabbat. But then she got tired of the witch-life so four years after that happening she kapt all night vigil in a church. Yet when she had been watching all night, Satan came and took her while lying asleep at her home.
  • Betty Parris and Abigail Williams

    The girls explorations to the occult became crazy, and they soon started to act strangly. "They suffered convulsions and babbled incoherently. In one of her fits, Abigail reached into the fireplace and flung flaming sticks about the parsonage."
  • Salem Witch Trials Began

    Betty and Abigail were the first two girls to be accused of withcraft. After ruling out all known possiblitlies of what might be wrong with the girls the doctor declared the girls "under an evil hand."
  • The Fast Day

    This day was set aside as a fast day, as a measure against witchcraft throughout Massachusetts.
  • An Emergency Court of Judges

    The governer appointed an "emergency court" of judges to hold trials for the accused. This court was called Court Of Oyer and Terminer. (meaning "to hear and determine.")
  • First Person Convicted of Witchcraft

    Bridget Bishop-who was taken from a Salem prison- was put in a cart and driven to Gallows Hill. There she was hung from a branch in an old oak tree.
  • Rebecca Nurse and Others Were Hung

    Tradition and logic say that these witches were hung at Gallows Hill, also known as Witch Hill. This was the second executions of people being accused of witchcraft.
  • The Last Hangings

    Many people got out of being hung and killed because of various reasons (i.e. being pregnant, bribing their jailers, accusing someone else). But they final eight people convicted in the final trials were hung on september 22nd.
  • Ending of The Salem Witch Trials

    Sir William ended the infamous Salem Witch trials by releasing all accused withces that were still in prison or were still upon payment of jail fees.
  • Speaking Out Against Witchcraft

    Thomas Brattle was the first powerful man to speak out against witchcraft.
  • The Law Against Witchcraft

    This is the Law that was written in the 1700 by Robert Calef. "One that shall use, practice, or excerise any invocation or conjuration of any evil or wicked spirit, or consult, convenant with, entertain or employ, feed or reward any evil or wicked spirit, to or for any intent or purpose; or take up and dead man, women, or child, out of his, her, or their grave, or any other place, where the dead body resteth; or the skin, bone,.....ect."