Witch and Wizard: The Gift, James Patterson, Fiction, 341

  • Chapter 1-21, 1-75

    Margo, one of the Reisstance leaders, was executed by the One in place of Wisty. A lady then attacked a N.O. officer and gave a piece of paper, that led to a portal, to Wisty and Whit. Whit and Wisty were then shocked to see Celia on a N.O. announcement that WIsty then appeared in. Bryon showed all the kids Margo's execution then got Wisty and Whit into a N.O. facility where they got the kids to run loose.
    Pages: 1-75 Total: (1173)
  • Chapters 22-34, 76-121

    Wisty goes to the Stockwood concert with all of the other Resistance kids. Whit doesn't go. Back at Garfunkles, a "band" comes to ask for directions to the concert. Whit is suspicious then goes to rescue his sister. When he gets there he discovers her on stage singing. After she's done, he finds her with the Bionics drummer, Eric. Eric then takes the drumstick Wisty's mom gave her. WIsty goes to get it but is stopped by the lady that tackled the N.O. officer.
    Pages: 76-121 Total: (1219)
  • Chapters 35-46, 122-159

    Wisty goes to get her drumstick back from Eric, but Whit interupts. Then the N.O. comes and takes Whit and Wisty with help from Eric, who has been working with them the whole time. Eric and the Bionics then morph into N.O. officers. Bryon then tells his dad everything that has happened because he is undercover. Whit and Wisty are interogated. The One challenges Wisty, who turns off all of the lights in the city.
    Pages: 122-159 Total: (1257)
  • Chapters 47-58, 123-199

    Whit and Wisty end up in the Brave New World Center. Wisty becomes addicted to chocolate. They find out Bryon is a traitor. Bryon tries to escape. Bryon and Wisty win a trip to the chocolate room. Whit and Wisty meet Crossley. Whit, Wisty, and Bryon end up in Solitary.
    Pages: 123-199 Total: (1334)
  • Chapter 59-73, 200-252

    The One made a hallogram of Whit and Wisty's parents in order to capture Wisty's power. The hallogram fails though and the One then freezes Whit and Wisty. Byron then brings Whit and Wisty their last meal with a note on the lid saying that he will try to help them escape. Byron takes them to the bathroom and they turn into fish. Byron flushes them down the toilet. The One puts Byron in charge of the Kill team, so that he will have to kill Wisty.
    Pages: 200-252 Total: (1387)
  • Chapters 74-89, 253-301

    Whit and Wisty are chased by Byron and his Kill team. The kill team though is children who have been brainwashed. Byron tells them he thinks Whit is clairvoyant. He also thinks that him and Wisty are the two children of the prophecies. They decide they need a new place to go so they go to the City of Progress where Mrs. Highsmith is. They come under attack by N.O.bombers. Whit and Wisty kinda talk to their parents. Mrs. H calls the One.
    Pages: 253-301 Total: (1436)
  • Chapters 90-100, 302-341

    Whit and Wisty are greeted by Byron at the apartment. Bryon tells Whit Celia is a lost one now and only wants Wisty. He jumps on WIsty when she is up in flames but he is left untouched. Wisty gives her powers to the One in order to not kill people in the City of Progress. Whit and Wisty are being executed when the One vaporizes their parents right in front of them. Then Celia comes to the rescue and saves Wisty and Whit. She tells Wisty to run without Whit.
    Pages: 302-341 Total:(1476)