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Winnie the pooh

By Dauz.
  • First appearence

    First appearence
    Winnie the pooh first appearence was in a magazine "Punch" along with poems and stories by A.A.Milne
  • First appeared name

    First appeared name
    Winnie-the-Pooh first appeared by name on 24 December 1925, in a Christmas story commissioned and published by the London newspaper The Evening News. It was illustrated by J. H. Dowd
  • The first Winnie- The - Pooh book

    The first Winnie- The - Pooh book
    The first collection of Winnie the pooh books created by A.A.Milne
  • Winnie the Pooh starts to be in televison

    Winnie the Pooh starts to be in televison
    Stephen Slesinger purchased U.S. and Canadian merchandising, television, recording and other trade rights to the "Winnie-the-Pooh" works from Milne for a $1000 advance and 66% of Slesinger's income, creating the modern licensing industry. By November 1931, Pooh was a $50 million-a-year business
  • First time in colour

    First time in colour
    The first time Pooh and his friends appeared in color was 1932, when he was drawn by Slesinger
  • Plush Dolls

    Plush Dolls
    Agnes Brush created the first plush dolls with Pooh in his red shirt.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney
    she licensed rights to Walt Disney Productions in exchange for royalties in the first of two agreements between Stephen Slesinger, Inc. and Disney
  • New Characters

    New Characters
    Disney has released numerous animated productions starring Winnie the Pooh and related characters
  • Tigers Movie

    Tigers Movie
    Tigers movie was aired in 2000.Tiger, Winnie the Pooh and their friends goes onto an adventure
  • Piglets Big Movie

    Piglets Big Movie
    Piglet's Big Movie is a 2003 American animated film produced by DisneyToon Studios, and released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 21, 2003.
  • Poohs Heffalump Movie

    Poohs Heffalump Movie
    Pooh's Heffalump Movie is a 2005 Winnie the Pooh film, released by Walt Disney Pictures.
  • My friends Tiger and Pooh

    My friends Tiger and Pooh
    In December 2005, Disney announced a Disney Channel animated television series, My Friends Tigger & Pooh,