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• The History of Animation •

  • The Start of it All

    The Start of it All
    Inventor H.W. Goodwin, invents the nitrate celluloid film, which is known to be a chemical combination of gun cotton and gum camphor. This film was then used in future animation projects of inventors and animators alike.
  • The Praxinoscope

    The Praxinoscope
    Emil Reynaud, an inventor who lived in France, opened a theatre using an invention called the Praxinoscope. It utiilized turning mirrors to reflect images and produce a 10 to 15 minute duration of a "moving picture." It was one of the first methods to create an animation.
  • Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope
    Utilizing the previous technology of celluloid film produced by H.W. Goodwin, Edison was able to create moving film pictures on a wall. The film moved over a series of wheels to produce the pictures.
  • Can you Hear it?

    Can you Hear it?
    Utilizing the technology of a magnetic recording device, sound was recorded for the first time. Animation enthusiasts would soon then adapt and latch onto this new technology.
  • "The Enchanted Drawing"

    "The Enchanted Drawing"
    James Stuart Blackton utilized previous animation techniques and technology to create and produce a short film. It documented and displayed hte drawing process of characters, without ever showing the artist; this made it seem that the drawings simply appeared, one after the other.
  • The Very First Offcial Animated Film

    The Very First Offcial Animated Film
    Emile Cohl, a french man, produced a film called "Fantasmagorie." It became extremely popular during its time, and is officially thought to be first true animated film.
  • The Animation, "Gertie the Dinosaur"!

    The Animation, "Gertie the Dinosaur"!
    Windsor McCay creates this animation, which catches popularity almost as quick as a net catching fish. It was also the first animation to feauture a dinosaur.
  • A Patent in Process

    A Patent in Process
    John Randolph Bray, an inventor and animator, created and and tried to patent a streamlined process for producing animated films. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in attempting to persuade other companies to use his new method.
  • "Felix the Cat" Character

    "Felix the Cat" Character
    Animator Otto Messmer, created a character named 'Felix the Cat'. Felix became quite successful and the outcome included dolls and watches featuring him. Even nowadays, many people would recognize him, or he would be at least vaguely familiar.
  • Walt Disney's "Laugh-O-Grams"

    Walt Disney's "Laugh-O-Grams"
    Were you waiting for that precious name we all know and love? Here it is! Young Walt Disney started his very first animation film studio- Laugh-O-Grams. The film studio, unfortunately, was short-lived. It was located on the second floor of the McConahay Building at 1127 East 31st in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Walt Disney attempts to Strike Again!

    Walt Disney attempts to Strike Again!
    You didn't actually think Walt Disney gave up that easily, did you? During the year 1928, Walt release a mini animated film called "Steamboat Willie" featuring the one and only, Mickey Mouse! This was the first time Mickey Mouse had appeared in a film, as well as the first time an animation film had sound. Undoubtedly, it was a hit immediately.
    We sometimes see "Steamboat Willie" as the trademark clip of Walt Disney in Disney films.
  • We Present to You, the 'Warner Bros. Studio'!

    We Present to You, the 'Warner Bros. Studio'!
    'The Looney Tunes' cartoon was supposedly just a spin off on the 'Silly Symphonies' which were created by Disney. Before anyone knew it, it took on a show of its own and was another hit animation.
    For some of us, most of the characters in this animation are extremely familiar to us, such as Bugs Bunny!
  • New and Improved Techonology

    New and Improved Techonology
    Walt Disney created the technology of utilizing 3-strip Technicolor animation. Then, later in 1935, Len Lye created a method of painting directly onto the film strips. He used this new method of his in his animated film "Color Box."
  • First Full Length Animation Movie

    First Full Length Animation Movie
    The first full length animation movie was finally produced! Walt Disney produced a film all about Disney's very own princess, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • Iconic Characters are Created and Grow

    Iconic Characters are Created and Grow
    During this upcoming decade, severaly new characters are brought to life and become extremely popular, like "Tom and Jerry".
  • Computer Generated Animation

    Computer Generated Animation
    At the University of Utah, Ed Catmull created a method of creating computer generated movies. It utilized scripting language.
  • 3 Dimensional Animations

    3 Dimensional Animations
    Apple created a method for creating 3-D films, and in 1995 Toy Story was released as the first full-length 3-D film. The animation's industry, technology and films wouldn't be the same after this development.