History Of Animation!

  • The Magic Lantern

    The Magic Lantern
    The Magic Lantern People are not 100% sure who the creator of the magic lamp was but it is mostly thought to have been a man called Christiaan Huygens in the late 1650's and was the 1st animational creation ever!
  • Thaumatrope!

    The Thaumotrope was invented by a man called John Ayrton Paris in the year 1825 although some people believe that it was invented by Peter Mark Roget in 1824. A Thaumotrope is a small disc, held on opposite sides of its circumference by pieces of string. An image is drawn on each side of the disc, and is selected in such a way that when the disc is spun, the two images appear to become superimposed. The Thaumotrope was mainly used as a children’s toy where as others were not.
  • Zoetrope

    The zoetrope was invented in 1834 in England by William Horner. He called it the 'Daedalum' ('the wheel of the devil). It didn't become popular until the 1860s. The zoetrope worked similar to the phenakistiscope, but the pictures were drawn on a strip which could be set around the bottom third of a metal drum, with the slits now cut in the upper section of the drum.
  • Émile Cohl

    Émile Cohl
    Émile Cohl was born in Paris, France on January 4th 1857 and died in 1938 January 20th. Cohl was only identified as “Gaumont animator”. Gaumont was the name of a company that he worked for. It was probably in response to "Fantasmagorie" that Winsor McCay made Little Nemo in 1911.
  • Winsor McCay

    Winsor McCay
    Winsor McCay was born on September 26th 1869 and died July 26th 1934. His 2 best creations were comic strip “Little Nemo in Slumber Land” and the animation “Gertie the Dinosaur.”
  • James Stewart Blackton

    James Stewart Blackton
    James Stuart Blackton was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England in 1875. Blackton called himself “Komikal Kartoonist”. As well as that he was also a co-owner of the VitaGraph Studio while producing, directing, writing and even staring in his films.
  • Praxinoscope

    The praxinoscope was invented in 1877 by a French man called Emile Reynaud. The praxinoscope became more popular than the zoetrope because it used separate images seperated by slots in the paper/card to cause a moving animation effect. In the middle of the praxinoscope was a mirror to reflect the image through the gaps/ later on reynaud created a larger version of the praxinoscope that could be projected onto a screen. The praxinoscope gave inspiration for moving pictures based on real life.
  • John Randolph Bray

    John Randolph Bray
    Bray was born on 25th August 1879 and died on October 10th 1978 and was an American animator. He was the second person to release a film in colour “The Debut of Thomas the Cat”. The 1st film coloured film using the brewster method was Winsor McCay’s “Little Nemo” in 1911.
  • Max Fleischer

    Max Fleischer
    Max Fleisher was born on the 19th of June, 1883 and he died on September 11th 1972 and was an American animator. He created characters such as Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Popeye and Superman throughout his career.
  • Otto Messmer

    Otto Messmer
    Otto Messmer was born on the 16th of August 1892 and died on the 28th October 1983 and he was mainly known as the creator of Felix the cat. In 1912 he began making his own comics
  • Walter Lantz

    Walter Lantz
    Walter Benjamin Lantz was born on the 27th of April 1899 and died on the 22nd of March 1994 and was known as an American cartoon, animator, film producer and director although he was best known as the founder of Walter Lantz Productions and creating Woody Woodpecker.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney
    Walt Disney was born on the 5th of December 1901 and died on the 15th of December 1966 and was known as an American film producer, director, screenwriter, entertainer, international icon and a philanthropist. Disney Created characters such as Mickey Mouse, Oswald the lucky Rabbit and more.
  • Hugh Harman

    Hugh Harman
    Hugh was born on the 31st of August 1903 Colorado, USA and died on the 25th of November 1982 and was part of and American animation team with Rudolph Ising. They were best known for founding the Warner bro’s and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • Warner brothers

    Warner brothers
    Warner Brothers is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment. They created a lot of films and characters such as Looney Toons, Superman Hary Potter
  • Disney

    Disney is a multinational media institution that is in Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, United States. It was created on October 16th 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. Walt Disney used the same style of animation for many years before updating and improving it. Disney created many animations such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse and many more. In 1934 Disney created a film called snow white and the seven dwarfs.
  • MGM

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor (MGM) is an American media company and they created ilms and television programs. MGM was founded in 1924. MGM purchased the rights in 1930 to make a series of cartoons that featured a character named Flip the Frog although it was unsuccessful and got canceled in 1933.
  • Phenakistoscope

    The Phenakistoscope was invented by a man called Joseph Plateau in 1932 and his son. The Phenakistoscope uses the persistence of motion principle to create an illusion of motion. The Phenakistoscope consisted of two discs placed on the same axis. The first disc had gaps around the edge, and the second contained drawings of successive action, drawn around the disc in concentric circles. After it went into the market it gained other names such as Phantasmascope and Fantoscope and phenakistiscope.
  • UPA

    United productions of America (UPA) are an American animation studio that started in the 1940’s around when Pinocchio was released and is still around today. UPA created a few well known characters such as Mr. Magoo in 1940, Gerald McBoing-Boing in 1950 and Dick Tracey in 1960.
  • Pixar

    in 1979 a a graphics group formed and then in 1986 they created pixar. Pixar Animation Studio's is an American computer animation film studio in catifornia. Pixar has produced twelve feature films, the first film was Toy Story in 1995. the it was A Bug's Life in 1998, Toy Story 2 in 1999, Monsters, Inc. in 2001, Finding Nemo in 2003, The Incredibles in 2004, Cars in 2006, Ratatouille in 2007, WALL-E in 2008, Up in 2009, Toy Story 3
  • Avatar

    Avatar is an American Si-Fi film directed and writen by James Cameron. The film was set in the 22nd centery. Avatart began development in 1994 and they were supposed to begin filming after they had completed the film titanic ready for release in 1999 but the technology was not advanced enough. Avatar was officially budgeted at $237 million.