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  • The start of it all

    The start of it all
    <a href='http://- In Newark, New Jersey a minister named Hannibal Goodwin patents the use of celluloid for the base of photographic film. the film is later used to create animation cells.'
  • Period: to

    The History of Animation

  • The first cinematography

    The first cinematography
    <a href='http://- The first machine that successfully shows movies on a screen is created by Lois Lumierre. This machine makes it possible for animated films of the future to be broadcast on the big screen. ' >-
  • First animated film

    First animated film
    <a href='http://- A comic book artist by the name of Cohl creates what is thought to be the first animated film entitled "Fantasmagorie". This led the way for the animated films we watch today. ' >-
  • The start of a "Dream"

    The start of a "Dream"
    <a href='http://- Walter Elias Disney, a 19 year old kid from Illionis, begins working in animation at the Kansas City Slide Company. Walter, along with his close friend Ubbe iwerks use the book "Animated Cartoons: How They are made" to learn how animation works.' >-
  • Walt starts his own studio

    Walt starts his own studio
    <a href='http://- Walt Disney starts his first animation studio, "Laugh-O-Gram" films in Kansas City.' >-
  • Disney goes bankrupt

    Disney goes bankrupt
    <a href='http://- Walt Disney's studio goes bankrupt. He moves to Los Angeles and opens a new studio in his uncles garage. Here he is contracted by Margaret Winkler to create a new series called " Alice Comedies" which combines a live-action character and animation. - Date not accurate.' >-
  • "Mickey Mouse" is born!

    "Mickey Mouse" is born!
    <a href='http://- Disney designs "Oswald the Rabbit" cartoons and is paid $2500 an episode. Upon the shows renewal, disney asked to have a raise to $2750 an episode but was rejected by Charles Minz. Minz, who owned the rights to Oswald, offered Walt $1800 an episode. Walt refused this and Minz took control of Walt's cartoon. This is when Disney created the idea for "Mickey Mouse". - Date's not accurate.' >-
  • Walt becomes successful

    Walt becomes successful
    <a href='http://- Walt Disney made two "Mickey" features with no producer that made no money. He was working on his third featue "Steamboat Willie" when sound arrived into the animation world. Walt added sound to this feature and it was released on Nov. 18 where it became the first successfull cartoon with sound ever produced. - Date not accurate.' >-
  • Disney's first Academy Award

    Disney's first Academy Award
    <a href='http://- Disney wins his first Academy Award for his feature "Flowers and Trees". This was the first film e made that used Technicolor in his animations. Walt makes a new feature that introduces the world to a new character, "Goofy". ' >-
  • Disney begins his first full-length feature

    Disney begins his first full-length feature
    <a href='http://- After recieveing multiple awards for his short films, Walt begins production on his first full-length film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The film is set to be released in 1938. - Dates not accurate.' >-
  • "Bugs" is born!

    "Bugs" is born!
    <a href='http://- The charcter "Bugs Bunny" that we know today is created in a feature named "A Wild Hare". There were three previous characters by this name, but Tex Avery refined him into the charecter we know today.' >-
  • First color television

    First color television
    <a href='http://- The first color television program is released. Unfortunately, since the average person only owned a black and white t.v set, nobody was able to view the colors. The color t.v. did not become available to the mass public until a decade later. ' >-
  • First computer animation

    <a href='http://- The first computer animation is created by Ivan Sutherland, an MIT student. The image was of a bouncing ball. - Dates not accurate' >-
  • We enter the Vietnam War!

    We enter the Vietnam War!
    <a href='http://- The United States enters the Vietnam War. We control the largest military presence of the war from 1965-1968. The conflict officially started a decade earlier and involved Vietnam and France.' >-
  • Walter Elias Disney dies

    Walter Elias Disney dies
    <a href='http://- After a lifetime of creating wonderful memories for children and adults alike, Walt Disney passes away from lung cancer. His death is mourned the world over. ' >-
  • Single frame animation

    <a href='http://- The introduction of single frame videotape animation systems prove to be a great development in the animation field.- Dates not accurate.' >-
  • Computer animation is used in films.

    Computer animation is used in films.
    <a href='http://- Disney studios creates "Tron" and uses 15 minutes of computer animation during the film. The 235 scenes of animation used cost $1200 per second to produce. - The movie "Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan" is made using digital effects as well. ' >-
  • Chernobyl nuclear explosion.

    Chernobyl nuclear explosion.
    <a href='http://- On April 26, at 1:23 a.m., a reactor at the Cernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explodes. The explosion gives off more than a hundred times the radiation than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion kills 31 people shortly after and thousands more people are expected to die from the effects of the radiation. ' >-
  • Pixar wins first award

    Pixar wins first award
    <a href='http://- Pixar's film "Tin Toy' Becomes the first computer animated film to win an academy award. - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is made and grosses over $300 million. This film was the first of its kind to prove animated films were not just meant to be viewed by children. - Dates not accurate.' >-
  • "Toy Story" is a hit!

    "Toy Story" is a hit!
    <a href='http://- The first full-length computer animated film is released and grosses more money than any other film that year. Disney and Pixar studios combine and have created computer animated masterpieces ever since. - Dates not accurate.' >-
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