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The Evolution of Walt Disney Studios Animation

  • The start of a great company

    The start of a great company
    Originally established as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923 and incorporated as Walt Disney Productions in 1929, the studio, in its early days, was devoted exclusively to producing short films.
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    The beginning of a great production

    Disney Animation began to produce feature films in 1937, which was a success, since, in addition to the fact that it was in color, at that time it was one of the largest projects, its success was immense and one should not discard the films that were made later, classics like Dumbo, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, among others, which, despite being historical, Disney suffered many losses.
  • Sorry Mickey

    Sorry Mickey
    This year saw the release of Fantasia, an experimental film with its own orchestral accompaniment, directed by Leopold Stokowski. It cost $2 million to produce, and although it grossed $1.4 million on its screening tour, the high cost ($85,000 per theater) of the Fantasound installation caused more losses than Pinocchio.
  • Its best year at the time

    Its best year at the time
    n 1955, Lady and the Tramp outsold all other Disney films since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, grossing an estimated $7.5 million in the United States. In addition, this was Disney's first widescreen animated feature, produced through the CinemaScope process; it was also the studio's first film to be distributed through its own distribution company, Buena Vista Distribution.
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    Did it end so soon?

    Disney closed the short film department to focus on movies and television, although short films were made from time to time.
  • The dark ages of animation

    The dark ages of animation
    After great and historical feature films such as "The Jungle Book", "101 Dalmatians", "Robbin Hood", "The Aristocats" among others, mysteriously in the 70's a decline was born, not only in animation, but also in all American cinema, making very 'dark' and 'gray' movies, that most likely this filmmaker flu infected animation, having feature films that very few should remember such as "Olvier and Company" and "The Fox and the Duck", being the last one perhaps the most successful of the mentioned.
  • A breath of peace

    A breath of peace
    The crisis in the animation area ended in the 80's, but it was not Disney who ended it, but Amblin Entertainment, releasing the movie "An American Tail (1984)" directed by the famous Steven Spilberg. After these events Disney returned to the reign of animation, competing with Amblin Entertainment mainly and almost exclusively.
  • Restructuring To Create

    Restructuring To Create
    In 1986, during the corporate restructuring to create The Walt Disney Company, it officially became a subsidiary of the company under the name "Walt Disney Feature Animation". This division adopted its current name in 2007
  • The 1990s to the new millennium

    The 1990s to the new millennium
    After the crisis, Disney continued making classic films such as "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Hercules", "The Lion King", "Tarzan", among others. With the passing of the years and the great historical success of Disney animation, the new millennium arrived and with that came a moment in which it returned to a decline, making lower movies such as "Lilo & Stitch", "Land of the Bears" and "The Emperor's Follies" being the last one the most successful of this new era
  • A new beginning

    A new beginning
    Disney is in a hole, a stage where despite the existence of the award for the best animated film had not won any in its 4 years of existence, with no one to blame but the success that were having new and great animation companies such as PIXAR and Dreamworks that used a new animation format, but Disney did not want to incorporate, but thanks to its ally that had at that time called PIXAR, an era that would mark historically to Disney animation studios, the era of CGI arose.
  • Goodbye

    In the following 7 years Disney has only released 2 movies in the 2nd dimension, these being "The Princess and the Frog" and "Winnie the Pooh", the latter was not mentioned much.
  • the beginning of the three-dimensional era.

    the beginning of the three-dimensional era.
    Resigning itself to the fact that it had to "evolve", Disney released its first feature film "Chicken Little", which was a moderate success, then continued with the same animation method, releasing films such as "The Family of the Future", "Bolt", but after those mentioned above, Disney returned to create a movie with traditional animation, "The Princess and the Toad" which in fact had a resounding success, and "Tangled", this one made in CGI which also had a great success.
  • Period: to

    They did it, they are an example to follow

    Currently it seems that Disney has already forgotten about the traditional way of animating, since its last 4 movies have been in CGI format, where "Frozen" stands out, which was the first Disney movie to win the Oscar for best animated movie and "Ralph the Demolitionist". Undoubtedly, The Disney Company has been of great help to the entire world cinema, as well as buying, helping and partnering with different companies so that they can progress economically and creatively.
  • surpassing their own expectations

    surpassing their own expectations
    Disney has also made that the animation cinema has reached where we are now, surpassing itself more and more by demonstrating that they were able to bring new sequels such as "Wifi Ralph" or "Frozen 2" being the latter nominated for Best Original Song for "Into the Unknown" at the Oscars in 2020.
  • Innovators even in difficult times

    Innovators even in difficult times
    Despite the worldwide pandemic caused by the Sars cov 2 "Coronavirus" Disney Animation released a short film and two new movies "Raya and the Last Dragon" and "Encanto", the latter being very well accepted by critics and with possibilities of being nominated for the Oscars category "Best Animated Film" and "Best Soundtrack".