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E4-4:Walt Disney (LC)

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    Walt's Life

    Walt was born to a poor family but always new he wanted to be a cartoonist. He wanted more than to live on a little farm he wanted to touch the lives of millions and spread his idea that imagination is key in the crazy world we live in.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Joined Red Cross

    Joined Red Cross
    This event showed that Walt cared so much about other people that he would lie about his age to go and help people. Also, this gave him respect for the military, which he helped out during WWII.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Laugh-O-Grams

    This was his first business adventure but it ended up being a failure. Even though it was a falure he still moved on and tried other ideas to get his vision out there. He kept persevering and didn't give up.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Scandal In New York

    Scandal In New York
    Walt's first big cartoon "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" was stolen from him by M. J. Winkler. Also all of Walt's staff besides Iwerks signed a contract with Winkler. Walt didn't give up. Walt and Iwerks went out on there own and created there own studio and hired Walt's future wife and Walt's brother.

    ("Walt Disney")
  • A Start is Born

    A Start is Born
    On a train ride back home after leaving New York Walt was doodling on a napkin when he came up with Mickey Mouse. Soon after Mickey Mouse was the most popular charachter among kids along with all of Mickey's friends.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • First Mickey Mouse Cartoon

    First Mickey Mouse Cartoon
    "Steamboat Willie" was the first successful cartoon Walt Disney made. It was Walt defining moment as an animator. He didn't have much of a staff or facility, he even was the voice of Mickey Mouse because he lacked staff. Walt's hard work paid off and Mickey became the star of many more cartoons.
    ("Walt Disney")
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    Silly Symphonies

    After Mickey Mouse Walt created "Silly Symphonies" which were short cartoons that were very popular during the time. These cartoons were meant to be funny and enjoyable to provide an escape from the world to a happier fantasyland.
    ("Walt Disney")
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    Never Ending Applause

    Disney was awarded 22 Oscars and was given 4 honorary awards in his lifetime. He has received 59 nominations, which is an Oscar record. All of these awards are just tributes to his never ending influence on the world.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Disney's Folly

    Disney's Folly
    1 Best Song: "Whistle While You Work" Walt decided he wanted to create a full-length feature animated film even though no one has ever done this before. Every one referred to this as "Disney's Folly" because they assumed it would be a disaster. Even his family and friends assumed he would fail. But, Walt moved on with his idea and it become the most grossing movie of 1930's.
    ("Walt Disney") ("Disney Wiki")
  • Pinocchio

    2 Best Song: "When You Wish Upon a Star"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Fantasia

    3 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Dumbo

    4 Best Song: "When I See an Elephant Fly"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Period: to

    Supporting the Home Front

    During WWII Walt Disney helped promote morale support when he created cartoons for supporting the troops. The reason he was said to do this is because of his respect he gained for the troops when he was in the Red Cross during WWI.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Bambi

    5 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Saludos Amigos

    Saludos Amigos
    6 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Three Caballeros

    The Three Caballeros
    7 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Make Mine Music

    Make Mine Music
    8 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Fun and Fancy Free

    Fun and Fancy Free
    9 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Melody Time

    Melody Time
    10 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad

    The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad
    11 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Cinderella

    12 Best Song: "Bippity Boppity Boo"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Alice and Wonderland

    Alice and Wonderland
    13 Best Song: "Painting the Roses Red"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan
    14 Best Song: "Following the Leader"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp
    15 Best Song: "He's a Tramp"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Period: to

    Mickey Mouse Club

    This was Disney's last big contribution with a show for kids. The show had old Mickey Mouse cartoons and a couple of kids in it that sang and preformed comedy skits. The show influenced the young children's imagination in America and provided funds for Disney Land.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Where Dreams Come True

    Where Dreams Come True
    Walt wanted to influence America's children even more and provide a happy place for families to have fun in a safe environment. So, Walt made plans for an amusement park centered around the idea that dreams really do come true.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty
    16 Best Song: "Once Upon a Dream"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • One Hundered and One Dalmations

    One Hundered and One Dalmations
    17 Best Song: "Cruella De Vil"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Sword and the Stone

    The Sword and the Stone
    18 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book
    19 Best Song: "Bear Necessities"
    Last movie Walt Disney personaly worked on
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Aristocats

    The Aristocats
    20 Best Song: "Scales and Arpeggios"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Disney World Opened for Imigantion

    Disney World Opened for Imigantion
    Walt initially came up with the idea and most of the plans but he died of cancer a few years prior to it being opened. But, his brother Roy carried on Walt's dream and created a second location for kids to be kids and for parents to have a little imagination.
    ("Walt Disney")
  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood
    21 Best Song: "The Phony King of England"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    22 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Rescuers

    The Rescuers
    23 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Fox and the Hound

    The Fox and the Hound
    24 Best Song: "Best of Friends"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Black Cauldron

    The Black Cauldron
    25 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Great Mouse Detective

    The Great Mouse Detective
    26 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Oliver & Company

    Oliver & Company
    27 Best Song: "Why Should I Worry"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid
    28 Best Song: "Kiss the Girl"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Rescures Down Under

    The Rescures Down Under
    29 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast
    30 Best Song: "Be Our Guest"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Aladdin

    31 Best Song: "Prince Ali"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Lion King

    The Lion King
    32 Best Song: "Circle of Life"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Pocahontas

    33 Best Song: "Just Around the River Bend"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    34 Best Song: "Topsy Turvy"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Hercules

    35 Best Song: "Zero to Hero"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Mulan

    36 Best Song: "Man Out of You"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Tarzan

    37 Best Song: "Son of Man"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Fantasia 2000

    Fantasia 2000
    38 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Dinosaur

    39 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Emperor's New Groove

    The Emperor's New Groove
    40 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    41 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Lilo and Stich

    Lilo and Stich
    42 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet
    43 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Brother Bear

    Brother Bear
    44 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Home on the Range

    Home on the Range
    45 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Chicken Little

    Chicken Little
    46 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Meet the Robinsons

    Meet the Robinsons
    47 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Bolt

    48 ("Disney Wiki")
  • The Princess and the Frog

    The Princess and the Frog
    49 ("Disney Wiki")
  • Tangled

    50 Best Song: "Something That I Want"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh
    51 Best Song: "Somewhere Only We Know"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Wreck-It-Ralph

    52 Best Song: "Shut Up and Drive"
    ("Disney Wiki")
  • Frozen

    53 Best Song: "Let It Go"
    ("Disney Wiki")