Wings - Little Mix

By kaje16
  • Costume No 1

    The first costumes that are seen in the video is bright and it matched each girls location.
  • Period: to

    Wings - Little Mix

  • Costume No 2

    The second outfit was changed by one of the girls at 26 seconds and it lasted for 1 second before she returned to her first outfit.
  • 1st & 2nd Outfit for singer No 2

    The next girl comes and sings and she starts of with the first outfit then it changes to her second outfit after 3 seconds and her second outfit last for 1 second just like the first girl then it returns to the first outfit.
  • Little Mix Together

    After the second girl sings, we see the group together in their 1st outfit and this last for 10 seconds before it then goes to the girls second outfit and then it switches back and forth. Each clip for the outfit lasts no longer than 2-3 seconds.
  • Costume No 1, No 2 & No 3

    The girls then change their outfits for the second verse as a group and by themselves and all of this last for another 24 seonds before they do a final change towards the end of the song where they perform in front of the England flag.