Willis V. Iowa

By joy g
  • Robbery

    Bob Willis goes into his neighbors house and steals his red Audi. the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Turner have gone out of town.
  • Realization

    Neighbors come back home and immediately call the cops since car is missing,
  • investigation

    After the cops leave their house, they go and try to figure out what happened to the car. They find out from neighbors that they saw Bob with the car driving around thinking he bought the car.
  • warrant

    The cops who are investigating want to go search his garage to see if that is where the car is at, they get a warrant and head to bobs house. Because of Mapp V. Ohio, the cops are required to get a search warrant before they go into ones house.
  • Rights

    The cops go to Bobs house in the morning,show him the warrant then they go to the garage, they find the red audi and then they arrest bob, they inform him of his right while arresting him. After Miranda V. Arizona, the cops HAVE to read him his rights because that case made it illegal for cops NOT to inform a person of their rights.
  • Awaiting Trial

    Bob Willis is taken to the county jail. He has spent the night there and he is awaiting his trial.
  • Bail

    Bob Willis is released from jail, he is given a bail of 5 thousand dollars and is given a later court date to return to. His bail is NOT excessive as it says it should not be in th 8th amendment.
  • trial

    Bobs case is finally on trial, the cops have presented their findings.Mr.and Mrs. Turner are questioned, and other witnesses are called up to be questioned as well
  • Verdict

    The jury, which was choosen during jury selection,use a unanimous decision and decide that Bob Willis is guilty
  • sentencing

    After hearing both sides and the jurys decision, the judge sentences Bob Willis to five years in prison.