William Clark

  • William Clark was born

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    William Clark's Life

  • Clark moved to Louisville, Kentucky when he was 14. (only the year is correct.)

  • Joined the Militia to fight the Native Americans.

    (month and day are not exact)
  • 3 years later, Clark joined the army and became an officer. (only the year is correct)

  • Lewis invited Clark to come with him on the expedition across the Louisiana Purchase. (only the year is correct.)

  • After the expedition in 1813, Clark became the governor of the Missouri Territory. (only the year is correct.)

  • Missouri then became a state in 1820. Clark unsuccessfully ran for governor. (only the year is correct.)

  • Clark became Superintendant of Indian Affairs from 1822 to death. (only the year is correct.)

  • William Clark dies.