Whistleblower protection

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  • My Lai Massacre is Exposed by Whistleblower

    My Lai Massacre is Exposed by Whistleblower
    After hearing stories from other men in his infantry Vietnam veteran, Ronald L. Ridenhour, wrote a letter to President Nixon and other government members describing the atrocities which occurred at My Lai in Vietnam. His letters lead to an investigation being opened and the conviction of Lieut. William L. Calley Jr. who lead the platoon which carried out most of the My Lai Massacre. This was one of many events which created public outrage against the Vietnam War.
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    After Nixon had expanded Vietnam efforts despite him publicly stating the opposite to win the public opinion in the election, he hired employees which planned the robbery of the Democratic National Committee to prevent further info being leaked. Whistleblower FBI agent, Mark Felt, assisted in revealing Nixon's corruption by leaking information to the press under the alias "Deep Throat". This scandal resulted in Nixon resigning as president and remains one of the largest scandals in US history.
  • Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison Exposed by Whistleblower

    Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison Exposed by Whistleblower
    In 2004, American army soldier, Sgt. Joseph Darby, was given a CD with the now infamous, graphic photos depicting the abuse taking place on the people held at the Abu Ghraib Prison, which was being used as a US Detention center for Iraqis from 2003 to 2006. In January of that year, Darby gave the tape to superiors, which prompted an investigation and exposing the horrors taking place in the prison at the hands of the American military.