what has happen in a decade

  • Apollo 13 Mission Has A Set Back

    Apollo 13 Mission Has A Set Back
    On board apollo 13 an explosion occured and the aircraft was unable to land on the Moon. It was supposed to land in the Fra Mauro area but could not do so. In the end they were able to circle aroung the moon and survived and landed somwhere in the ocean and all returned home safely.
  • E.P.A. is created

    E.P.A. is created
    The EPA was created by Richard Nixon so that the United States would stay away from large waste amount to make sure our resources are pure and have nothing in them that can damage our body. Once created the E.P.A. began to search ways to help keep the enviroment from being a total waste land.
  • Beatles Break Up

    Beatles Break Up
    The Beatles broke up because they were arguing nonstop and they had decided to break up. they were about to become music legends. The Beatles broke up and everyone would still listen to their music.
  • Attica Prison Riot

    Attica Prison Riot
    When the Attica prison riot occured thirteen students were killed by the U.S. national gaurd. The Attia prison is located in New york. This riot occured because because the prisoners wanted better livining conditions but they were denied and were told that they were not able to do so.
  • The MicroProcessor is Invented

    The MicroProcessor is Invented
    the microprocessor is invented. the microprocessor is found in microwaves, oven, and even jets and planes.
  • China Joins The United Nations

    China Joins The United Nations
    China joined the UN because of it's communist leaders and when they joined them they were part of them and then China went against the U.S.
  • Nixon Visits China

    Nixon Visits China
    President Nixon went to Rebuplic China and then went to peoples republic so that peace remain between the two countries.
  • Supreme Court Rules Against Death Penalty

    Supreme Court Rules Against Death Penalty
    Supreme court says that death penalty is unconstitutional, once this law was declared unconstitutional many people who were supposed to be killed but didn't were free from the death penalty.
  • Terrorist Attack The Olympic Games In Munich

    Terrorist Attack The Olympic Games In Munich
    two Isrealites were killed by the terrorist who invaded the olympics. They invaded the olympics because they were angry with America and doing so they tried to kill many people.
  • Paul Getty Kidnapped

    Paul Getty Kidnapped
    Paul getty was kidnapped in rome, later a ransom note is found for 17 million dollars for the return of paul Getty.
  • OPEC Doubles Price on Oil

    OPEC Doubles Price on Oil
    The reason OPEC raised the price on oil is because they had already sold most of their oil and they were not able to drill up even more oil. Doing so they had to raise their price until they could find more oil then what they had.
  • endangered species act

    endangered species act
    The 1973 Act implemented the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (T.I.A.S. 8249), signed by the United States on March 3, 1973, and the Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere (50 Stat. 1354), signed by the United States on October 12, 1940.
  • National Speed limit 55

    National Speed limit 55
    The reason congress passed the for the national speed limit of fifty five miles per hour was because people were driving to fast and would need more oil and gas which meant the price for oil and gas would go even higher. Then there was another problem when going over fifty five miles per hour the person who is driving the vehicle might npot be able to see a car up ahead and crash in to it.
  • U.S. President Nixon Resigns

    	U.S. President Nixon Resigns
    president Nixon resigned because of all the pressure. The reason why Nixon resigned was not just the pressure but also because he was about too be booted from office but before they could do so Nixon decided to Resign and then Gerald Ford was given office.
  • Gerald Ford Pardons Nixon

    Gerald Ford Pardons Nixon
    Gerald Ford pardon Nixon but his choice did not make the public happy. The people believed that Nixonb shouldn't have been pardon because he had lied to te people many times. Pardon: Means to take all charges off of a being.
  • Saigon falls to communism

    Saigon falls to communism
    Saigon fell to Communism because there leader was overthrown by a dictator and that dictator said that the people of Saigon had to do everything he said they had to do and that everyone had to be the same.
  • Arthur Ashe first black man to win wimbledon

    Arthur Ashe first black man to win wimbledon
    Arthur Ashe was the first black man to win the wimbledon. When this happen he had made history for the his heritage for the first time.
  • Jimmy Hoffa disappears

    Jimmy Hoffa disappears
    Hoffa was involved with the international brotherhood of teamsters union as an organizer from 1932 to 1975. When he disappeared the public became confused and wondered where he was at.
  • Apple comuter launched

    Apple comuter launched
    Apples computers were found Steve Wozniak Reynold Wayne and Steve Jobs.over a thirty year period the name computer was removed.
  • Entebbe air raid

    Entebbe air raid
    The air raid had an on going Arab-isreali conflict. once the plane had landed the people who hijacked this plane were arrested.
  • Mao Tse Tung dies

    Mao Tse Tung dies
    Mao Tse Tung died in Beijing, China. Mao was a chinese communist revolutionary guerilla warfare strategist.
  • Star Wars released

    Star Wars released
    Star wars was a epic film that everyone had thought was a pop culture phenomina. the film was created by George Lucas and the final film was released in 2005 and know there are no more star wars series.
  • Neutron bomb funding begins

    Neutron bomb funding begins
    The Neutron Bomb funding was used so that the government could raise enough money to build the amount of bombs needed for a war.I am not sure exactly how long it to to get the money and start creating this bomb but these bombs would have a larger effect we exploding.
  • Elvis Found Dead

    Elvis Found Dead
    Elvis was found dead in his home in Memphis. It was told that elvis was dead hours before his body was found.The way he died was from a heart attack that he was suffering from.
  • Atlantic City Permits Gambling

    Atlantic City Permits Gambling
    The reason gambling was legalized was because people began to become angry and they saw that other cities were allowed to have gambling. after a few months the people had demanded that they could gamble and then the city had decided to legalize gambling.
  • John Paul II Becomes The Pope

    John Paul II Becomes The Pope
    John paul the second was the second pope that served the longest as the pope. when john paul the second ended his service as the pope he still believed that he could still do good for his country.
  • Jonestown Massacre

    Jonestown Massacre
    the reason this massacre occured is unknown but when some passengers were boarding a plane the jonestown security gaurd open fired and killed about five people.
  • Nuclear Accident Occurs On Three Mile Island

    Nuclear Accident Occurs On Three Mile Island
    This nuclear accident was on of the worst. During this time the company had found low levels of radiation a mile away from the power plant.
  • ESPN Starts Broadcasting

    ESPN Starts Broadcasting
    ESPN was found by three people Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen, and Ed Eagan. after about three years ESPN became a world wide televised event that everyone would watch.
  • Greensboro massacre

    Greensboro massacre
    the reason for this was because five protesters were shot and killed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party.