Westward Expansion in 1800s

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson aquired the Louisiana purchase from France for $15 million. It stretched all the way from the mississippi to the Rocky Mountains. It was approximately 827,000 square miles.
  • Oregon Trails to the West

    The Oregon trails were a total of 2,170 miles long and went through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, and Oregon. This trail was used mainly by mountain men, missionaries, and traders.
  • Missouri

    Missouri became the 24th state of the United States of America. This state was also a part of the Oregon trail.
  • Impact on Native Americans

    At this time, Andrew Jackson forced the Native Americans off their home lands so the white could farm there. These Native Americans were sent to reservation but first had to go through the Trail of Tears. It got its name from all the Native Americans that dies in the process.
  • California Gold Rush

    This was the start of the California Gold ush. This event lasted 10 years and over 300,000 prospectors came to california for the search for gold.
  • End of Gold Rush

    Once the amount of gold being found went down to a much smaller percent, many prostpectors from all different countries left to go back home.