Watergate Timeline

By Matt C
  • Richard Nixon is elected President of the United States

    Richard Nixon is elected President of the United States
    Richard Nixon is elected president, and so begins six years of a crooked administration
  • The Beginning of Nixon's End

    The Beginning of Nixon's End
    Nixon starts a plan to extend the power of the FBI and CIA in domestic intelligence gathering. However, a few days later, he changes his mind.
  • New York Times Publishes Classified Papers

    New York Times Publishes Classified Papers
    Daniel Elsburg, a Pentagon administrator, leaks highly classified papers about failed war policies in Vietnam. The New York Times published first, follwed by the Washington Post.
  • The Watergate Break-in

    The Watergate Break-in
    Five men are arrested at the Watergate hotel and office complex. They were arrested for burglary, and attempting to bug the National Democratic Party Headquarters.
  • The GOP Denies Involvment

    The GOP Denies Involvment
    A GOP security aid and a former CIA officer are among the burgalers. John Mitchell, a former attorney genreral and head of Nixon's re-election committee, denies any knowledge.
  • Compensation

    A $25,000 cashiers check wound up in the bank account of one of the Watergate burgalers. It was supposed to be meant for the Nixon campaign.
  • The FBI Investigation

    The FBI Investigation
    The FBI establishes that the Watergate incident was the result of a campaign headed by the Nixon administration aimed towards political espionage and sabotage of the Democratic party.
  • Nixon Wins Re-election

    Nixon Wins Re-election
  • The Hearings Begin

    The Hearings Begin
    The Senate Watergate Committee begins its nationally televised hearings on the incident. Archibald Cox is chosen as the Special Prosecutor.
  • Confession

    John Dean confesses that he talked about the Watergate cover up at least 35 times with Nixon.
  • Nixon Refuses

    Nixon Refuses
    Nixon refuses to turn over the White House tapes to the Senate Committee or the prosecutor.
  • Fire, Fire, Fire

    Fire, Fire, Fire
    Nixon fires Attorney General Elliot Thomson, after Thompson refuses to fire Archibald Cox. Nixon then hires Borck, who fires Cox, and removes the office of Special Prosecutor.
  • The Court Rules

    The Court Rules
    The Supreme Court rules that Nixon must turn over all of the White House tapes, thus over ruling Nixon's executive power.
  • Nixon's Fall

    Nixon's Fall
    The House Judiciary Committee begins the impeachment process.
  • The New President

    The New President
    Richard Nixon resigns as President of the United States. He is replaced by his Vice President, Gerald Ford, who was a Congressman before being Vice President. Ford then pardons Nixon.