Watergate scandal

Timeline created by 874666
  • First attempt

    A group in the committee to re-elect Nixon wanted to wiretap the phones at democratic national committee headquarters at the watergate apartment complex in Washington D.C. It was lead by E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy. This attempt failed.
  • Second attempt

    In the second attempt 5 men were arrested. The money they had on them was traced right to Nixon’s re-election Campaign
  • Election

    Nixon won the election. The public didn’t care much about the scandal so they re-elected him.
  • Guilty

    In the early 1973 all people arrested either plead guilty or were found guilty.
  • Prosecutor

    President Nixon is forced to appoint a special prosecutor.
  • Saturday night massacre

    The special prosecutor wanted the White House tapes released. Nixon orders him to be fired and it results in a series of people being fired and quitting which was then called the “Saturday night massacre”
  • Impeachment

    The house judicial committee voted to impeach Nixon.
  • Resignation

    Nixon finally resigns knowing he can’t get out of it.