• Nixon Elected

    Nixon Elected
    Richard Nixon is elected to become the 37 President of the United States of America
  • Intelligence Expansion

    Intelligence Expansion
    President Nixon approves a plan to expand the domestic intelligence gathering programs in both the FBI and the CIA
  • Pentagon Papers

    Pentagon Papers
    Daniel Ellsberg, a worker in the Pentagon, begins to illegally sell documents on failed Vietnam policies to the New York Times who in turn start to publish them.
  • "Enemies" List

    "Enemies" List
    Nixon sent a memorandum to top ranking White House staff members that includued a list of all the possible political oponents that may pose a threat when Nixon runs for re-election and ways to maube deal with them, some ways an abuse of his power.
  • "Plumbers"

    The White House puts together a unit of "plumbers" to fix the leak that is Daniel Ellsberg. In an effort to discredit Ellsberg, they break into his psychiatrist's office to look for dirt they can use. They find none,
  • Watergate

    Five men are arrested trying to break in and wire tap and bug the Democratic headquarters. Nixon calls it a "third rate burglary."
  • FBI Investigation

    FBI Investigation
    The FBI does an investigation on the Watergate break-in and establishes that it stems from a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage that the Nixon re-election effort.
  • Nixon Re-Elected

    Nixon Re-Elected
    Richard Nixon is re-elected in a massively huge landslide, crushing the Democrats.
  • Watergate Linked to Nixon

    Watergate Linked to Nixon
    G. Gordon Liddy and James W. McCord Jr., former aides to Presdient Nixon are convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping during the Watergate incident.
  • Resignations

    Some of Nixon's top White House staffers resign due to the scandal, such as H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, and so does Attorney General Richard Kliendienst. White House counsel John Dean is fired.
  • Trial

    The Senate Watergate Committee begins nationally televsed hearings. Archibald Cox becomes the Justice Department's special prosecutor.
  • Tapes

    Alexander Butterfield informs the world of the existence of tapes that Nixon had that recorded everything he said in the White House. These tapes would prove Nixon either guilty or innocent.
  • Refusal

    Nixon refuses to hand over the tapes, causing further pressure for impeachment.
  • Court Demands Tapes

    Court Demands Tapes
    The Supreme Court rules unanimously that Nixon must give them the tapes, rejecting his claim of executive privilege.
  • Nixon Steps Down

    Nixon Steps Down
    Richard Nixon becomes the first President to resign. Vice President Gerald Ford becomes President and pardons Nixon of all charges.