Water Droplet Time Line

  • Finally, I escape.

    Finally, I escape.
    I blowed around for a while, and noticed I was heading towards a very fast flowing river with huge rapids. As I was running for about 7 months through the freezing water, I saw a filter! Yes! Finally! I soon felt as I was being lifted up by a rope. I was being taken up from the ground, from what is called a well.
  • Unluckiest raindrop

    Unluckiest raindrop
    Well, thanks to percipitation, I'm caught in the middle of a very nasty blizzard. The cycle never works out how I want it to, or even close to what I'd like, You see, I've been through these cycles at least a billion times, and it never works out as a hope. Sometimes I just think I should be crowned the unluckiest raindrop.
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics

    2008 Beijing Olympics
    The next thing is, I get poured into a narrow bottle. It was dark and lonely, a part of the cycle I do not prefer to be in. I was happy to be drunk and I felt myself splat on the floor, I was glad to miss her mouth. I look up, wow, I was in Nastia liukin's water bottle! I look to my right and Shawn Johnson was next up on beam! This was unreal!
  • And that's how I'm unlucky.

    And that's how I'm unlucky.
    It was day two and I'm suprised I lasted a whole day. I was having such a great time, until some russian gymnast comes around and steps right on top of me! She was just warming up for bars and I have to Witness being dragged on the bar as I rub off on her handstand step down sol-circle. Great.
  • How long will this take

    This might take a very longtime for me to evaporate now, I'm stuck inside wood.. I will eventually evaprate though, and when I do the cycle will repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Who knows where I'll be headed next time. Maybe I will come across you on my next journey. You never know!