Washginton Timeline

By bumminz
  • Sir Francis Drake

    (no date) Expedition against the spanish. Found gold, silver, and jewels.
  • Hudson Bay company

    Took place at hudson bay biggst fir trading company ever.
  • Lewis and Clark expidition

    Explored uncharted land on the West coast and made a trail for the rest of the people.
  • Oregon Trail

    Made it for traders and traiders to travel to the west coast.
  • Whitman Massacre

    indians killed Whitmans, allowed more space.
  • Seattle Fire

    Big fire that destoyed blocks of Seattle and we had to slowly rebuild it all and also made it better in the process
  • Klondilce Gold rush

    In dosin city, 100,000 peopel want 4000 found gold
  • Fredich Weyerhauser

    Weyerhauser lumber company. Moved to america when he was 18. Brough a lot of money to washington.
  • Bill gates made microsoft

    Created microsoft