Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows

  • Prolouge

    The four ancient cats have a meeting with Midnight the badger.
  • Period: to

    Warriors Long Shadows

  • Border Skimerish

    Thunder Clan is wrongfully accused of crossing the Shadow Clan border, a fight then breaks out.
  • Sickness Proof

    Jaypaw goes to the nursery to check on Millie. He finds that Briarkit has also caught some of Milie's greencough (chest infection)
  • Clan Spys

    Jaypaw, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze spy on Shadow Clan to find out how to get rid of Sol.
  • Escape to Thunder Clan

    Tawnypelt,Flamepaw, Tigerpaw,and Dawnpaw escape to Thunder Clan because they didn't want to listen to Sol's predictions.
  • Tricks

    Hollyleaf,Lionblaze,Jaypaw,Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw create a fake sign to convince Blackfoot to get rid of Sol.
  • StarClan's message

    Jaypaw dreams that three ancient Star Clan cats tell him the secret to cure the greencough sickness.
  • Thunder Clan's leader is sick.

    Firestar, Thunder Clan's leader becomes ill with the greencough.
  • Dreams

    Jaypaw walks into Kestrelpaw's dreams to ask him for any catmint on Wind Clan's territory. (Catmint is for curing greencough)
  • WindClan

    Jaypaw asks Lionblaze to fetch the catmint on Wind Clan's territory. Sadly, Lionblaze refuses.
  • Greencough

    Firestar gets an idea to move all the sick cats to a different shelter so the sickness won't spread.
  • Ancient cats

    Jaypaw travels back in time to the ancient cats, who will soon become the Tribe of Rushing Water.
  • Firestar

    Firestar loses a life that was given to him by Starclan. All leaders have nine lives.
  • Catmint

    Lionblaze accepts to go to WindClan to get the catmint. When he was there,he ran into Heathertail, one of his old friends.
  • Thunder Clan is healing

    The catmint starts to cure the cats of Thunder Clan.
  • Moonpool

    Jaypaw recives his true medicine cat name, Jayfeather.
  • Storm and Fire

    A thunder storm breaks out and creates a forest fire. While every cat is trying to escape, Ashfur threatened to let Squirellflight,Jayfeather,Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze burn because Squirellflight confesses, those three are not her kits.
  • Murder

    On the to the monthly gathering, the clan cats find Ashfur's body dead and floating in a river.