War World 1

  • james Carles Martin was born

  • Jim's 13 birthbay

  • Begin War

    Germany invaded Belgium to attack France
  • Attack

    Germany invaded Beliumto attack France. on that day, British Admirlty, and announced an expedtitonary force of 20,000 men to be sent overseas within six weeks.
  • Melbourne

    Of the march through the streets of Melbourne by 5,000 troops, before they embarked for the war.
  • Australian Cruisers

    With a naval escort that included the Australian cruisers Melbourne and Sydney, the fleet of of thirty-eight ships left for the battlefront in Europe.
  • Leaving

    The landings on the Gallipoli peninsula took place at dawn.
    By nightfall, 16,000 men had landed. By nightfall, more than 2,000 were dead or wound.
  • General Bridges

    General Bridges was shot- three day earlier, by a sniper and died.
    Next day, sharapnel killed a humble stretcher bearer, one Private Simpson, carring the wounded on his donkey.
  • Empire Day

    Turks and Anzacs arrnged an eight-hour truce to bury their dead, now stinking and rotting under the sun.
  • Leaving Gallipoli

  • James Charles Martin died