Mana spirits

War of the Eight

  • Period: AD 1 to 1000

    The First Age

  • 300

    Asmodeus' Rise

    Not long after the creation of the world, an evil sorcerer arose and opened a gate to the Nine Hells to summon Asmodeus and his followers to this Material Plane. Two-hundred years of darkness ruled over the world until a hero, wielding a blade gifted to him by the Tree of Life fought Asmodeus back through the gate and the Gods sealed the gate with the power of the Tree of Life. The sealed gate was placed deep in the sacred wood of the Tree of Life.
  • 500

    Creation of the Seeds of Power

    After sealing the entrance to the Hells. The Gods bound the power to unseal into Eight seeds taken directly from the tree of life. These seeds were given unto the world and Eight celestial spirits were chosen to protect the seeds and govern the flow of nature.
  • 600

    Celestial Temples Created

    When the Eight were given the power by the Gods to govern the world, it rapidly became clear that the people of the world were not worthy to hold the seeds amongst themselves. The eight temples were created to house the Eight as well as their power
  • Period: 750 to 1000

    First EdoCeslorian War

    The people of the East became envious that they were not blessed with one of the eight temples of power. In this envy, they amassed a large army and invaded the West. In the end, the world was almost destroyed and the Eight were forced use their power to separate the continents of Edos, Ceslor, Aurous, Frozen North and The Southern Sylvan Wood. This meant the temples of the Eight were scattered among the world. Still, none resided in Ceslor.
  • Period: 1000 to

    The Second Age

  • 1024

    Tiamat's Return

    Tiamat is, inexplicably, summoned to the lush lands of North West Edos; home of Vesuvio. She calls an army to herself of dragons and marsh folk. While the Golden Seven discussed how to deal with it, a young dragon, Jech attempted to overthrow her on his own. He abolished her armies but didn't succeed. Instead, Tiamat burned the lands of the North West into a barren desert before she was conquered and sealed away by the Golden Seven. Only 1 man survived. A young sorcerer named Sonatath.
  • 1212

    Creation of the Halflings

    In the Southern Sylvan Wood, Harzinger grew lonely, being secluded from her fellow Eight and not having any people to occupy her lands. Being the spirit of life, she blended together the life of the sea and the bounty of the forest to create the first Halflings. Small, child-like beings with green hair like leaves and feathers. They lived in peace in her wood, never interacting with the world outside the Wood.
  • 1327

    City of Matanago Established

    The Dwarves unite under a Strom Baringer for the first time. Dwarves flock to the Mandalan mountains and create the first kingdom under the earth.
  • 1376

    City of Ezhelas Created

    The humans of Edos gather together to create a grand walled city on the South West corner of Edos. Ezehlas becomes capital of the people of Edos.
  • City of Valsgarde Rises

    Far to the East of the Frozen North, a grand city of Valsgarde is constructed atop the frozen tundra. Clevedan Defthands is named King after uniting the nomadic tribes.
  • Period: to

    Second EdoCeslorian War

    Ceslor, once again desiring the power of the spirits, invades Edos. The attempt to invade via the North Western desert that was laid bare by Tiamat, rather than try and assault Ezhelas and they successfully held the Temple of Vesuvio. They pushed down through the south East but were met with heavy resistance from the Dwarves of Matanago and the Dragonbornes of the Northlands. In the end, they could not get enough supplies through the vast barren desert and were forced to withdraw.
  • Separation and Founding of Edos Naval

    There was dissent in the Dwarven kingdom of Matanago. Many Dwarves believed that their people belonged closer to the spirit of Earth, Ados. The Baringer line would not agree and half of the Dwarves, led by Joelaire Thunderhorn, moved to the mountain range of Edos Naval and founded their own kingdom deep beneath the hills.
  • The Great Calamity of the Temple of Luna

    No one knows where it came from. Most say it was the moon, but a large chunk of rock fell from the sky and landed in the northern desert. The rock was large enough to destroy the Earth. But instead, it was swallowed by the desert and a giant circle of mountain, stretching for miles, rose out of the sand. The temple is thought to be lost. It is said that beams of light shot to the sky upon impact, but it was most likely aftermath of the calamity.
  • Period: to

    The Third Age

  • Town of Kakkara Established

    After the Great Calamity, many people wanted to study the impact site. It was far too tiresome to travel back and forth from the southlands and the temple of Vesuvio resided in the desert anyway. Thus, the port town of Kakkara was founded at the base of the great Volcano. Not a grand city, but a small town to serve as a base for exploration and discovery.
  • Period: to

    Nilzra, The Dark - Assault on Edos Naval

    In 3427, Nilzra, The Dark, A Green Shadow dragon, gathered an army of darklings and invaded the grand, Dwarven, Kingdom of Edos Naval. He wanted to gather the Earth seed of Power to help him claim dominion over the Dragon Lands of the north. After 250 years, the Dwarves surrendered their kingdom to the darklings. The great Sage Joch imprisoned Nilzra and confined him to the under ground where he'll rot until the end of his days.
  • Flight in the Sylvan Wood

    The Halflings of the Sylvan Wood uncovered an ancient city, buried deep beneath their wood. Not knowing it was an extension of the temple of Harzinger, they studied it's grand design and what they found gave them the technology to craft the first airship. Civilization prospered and they used these airships to begin exploration and trade with the city of Ezhelas and the Empire of Ceslor.
  • Invasion of the Sylvan Wood

    The Ceslorians desired the airship technology. They knew the Halflings were peaceful people. As such, the invaded the Sylvan wood and burned it all. They discovered the grand design under the temple and realized it was a fortress, powered by life itself.
  • The Rise of the Fortress of Life - The depart of the Halflings

    The Ceslorians succeeded in restarting the fortress. As it rose from the, now barren, land, the continent began to sink into the water. The Halflings scattered into the world. The continent sank, and the temple of Harzinger along with it. The Empire captured the seed, and let the tower sink into the ocean.
  • Silver Ash Wood Darkens

    The Silver Ash woods become infested with evil creatures, forcing the woodland Elves to flee. They migrate south and form the village of Kippo. Only their leader stays behind, a mystical enchantress named Sylmae.
  • Invasion of Ezhelas

    The Empire invades Ezhelas. With the Fortress of Life under their power, none can stop them. Most of the people of Ezhelas flee westward and form resistance bases across the Mandalan mountains.
  • Period: to

    Ceslorians Gather the Seeds of Power

    The Ceslorians, now unstoppable with their fortress, fly to all of the temples of the world. They meet resistance at each temple but ultimately gather all the seeds of the Eight.
  • The Great Dragon War

    The metallic dragons, under the orders of the Golden Seven, assault the Fortress of Life. They were informed that the Ceslorians had found the legendary gate, seal of Asmodeus, and were planning to open it under the false understanding that they would be rewarded with riches beyond imagining. The chromatic dragons of Tiamat fought back. The metallic dragons won but suffered many casualties. No losses were greater than the Copper dragons which dwindled to ONE.
  • Peace Returns

    An unknown hero, wielding a legendary blade, and his allies infiltrated and destroyed the Fortress of Life and all those inside it. They were seen flying to it, atop a radiant dragon. The world was almost destroyed in this war. The Eight seeds were returned, except for Harzinger' one saw her seed, or her, ever again. The Fortress of Life was swallowed into the sea, and the Holy Lands of the Great Tree of Life were engulfed in impenetrable cloud. The gateway was never discovered again.
  • City of Tasnacia Created - Ezhelas becomes Pandora

    The, now free, people of Edos relocate the capital to the new city of Tasnacia; a grand city surrounded by the sea so they are not so easily taken. At the same time, the citizens of Ezhelas rebuild and rename their city. It becomes the city of Pandora. A great, walled city. As a tribute to what the city used to be, the people left part of the old city ruins standing, a temple in the woods to the south of the city.
  • Construction of Faer Tel’Quessir

    Sage Joch, in his wisdom, visits the city of Tasnacia and requests of the new King to build a tower dedicated to the study of magic and teaching that magic to the people. A new law is set in place throughout the kingdoms of Edos that any one born with magical abilities must be sent to the tower to hone their skills before being allowed to leave again. The law was created in attempts to stop the rising of any sorcerer who would, once again, unseal the gate.
  • Construction of NinFaer

    In an effort to show peace with the free people of Edos. The Emperor of Ceslor passed a similar law regarding magic and constructed a tower in their capital as well. This tower would be manned by the humans of Ceslor; however, and not a Dragon or their kind. Thus, the final stroke of peace was dealt.
  • Period: to

    The Thousand Year Peace

  • Emperor Vandole Rises to Power

    A tragedy strikes as the Emperor of Ceslor meets a tragic, and unsettling end. His next of Kin, Vandole rises to power. He immediately appoints his Vizier. A mysterious man named Thanatos.
  • Valsgarde Falls - The Rift of Oblivion is Born

    For unknown reasons, a dark power awakens in the city of Vaslgarde. A rift is opened and 95% of it's people meet their end to demons and devils alike, including the king. His kin are nowhere to be found.
  • Charon's Fall and the Vanishing of the Water Seed

    The last copper dragon flies North, against the wishes of the Golden Seven. He takes the seed of power from the temple of Undine, the Water Spirit and attempts to use it's power to close the Rift of Oblivion. He is corrupted by the seed and falls, never to be seen again. But rumors report that a large Draco-lich now flies above the ruins of old Valsgarde. The Water Seed is never recovered.
  • Village of Potos Discovered

    A small village is discovered where it's people grow to uncommon ages. Legend tells that this was the original house of the Spirit Undine.
  • Ceslor Invades Aurous

    Emperor Vandole, with the direction and help of Thanatos, attempt to invade the Golden Isle of Aurous, seeking their riches and the temple of Lumina. Thanks to a group of warriors led by a strange Silver half dragon, they are repelled and Aurous remains free.
  • Ceslor Conquers Pandora

    Only a year after the failed invasion of Aurous, the Empire invades the free people of Edos. Pandora is the first city to fall and Emperor Vandole names Festhar, father of Gesthar to command the city.
  • Ceslor Conquers Tasnacia

    The empire successfully invades the city of Tasnacia. This was thought impossible. The Empire had tried for years with no success, until one day a man named Sheex appeared and gave Emperor Vandole control of a giant metal airship. Nothing of it's like had been heard of. Sheex became a general of the Empire for this feat of loyalty and betrayal of his own people. Lord Mammon was kept on the throne to appease the people, but he swore fealty to the Empire.
  • Ceslor Conquers the Frozen North

    The people of Emberin are quickly overrun when, once again, Sheex betrays his own people to the Empire. Emberin becomes a slave city.
  • Ceslor Conquers Kakkara

    Kakkara becomes the newest addition to the Empire's conquests as the Red Barons, led by a man named Phanna, lay siege to the large town. Construction of Kakkara's Colosseum nears completion.
  • Red Barons Invade the Nomadic Tengu

    The Red Barons invade off the coast of North Edos, attempting to access the Gnomish village to the West. They failed but the Tengu suffered many losses.
  • Gesthar Assumes Command of Pandora

    Festhar dies of old age and his son, Gesthar assumes command of Pandora.
  • Present Day