War In Iraq

  • U.S. invades Iraq

    U.S. invades Iraq
    The United States invade Iraq.
  • Period: to

    War In Iraq

    The war in Iraq.
  • Operation Red Dawn

    Operation Red Dawn
    Saddam Hussein is captured by U.S. army forces.
  • Iraq given to U.S.

    Iraq given to U.S.
    Control over Iraq is handed over to the United States.
  • First National Assembly Election

    First National Assembly Election
    Iraq holds its first National Assembly Election.
  • Car Bombing

    A car bomb kills 18 people in Bagdad.
  • Pilgramage in Bagdad

    Pilgramage in Bagdad
    Sunni Snipers kill 22 Shiites during a pilgramage in Bagdad.
  • Hussein Executed

    Hussein Executed
    U.S. troops execute Saddam Hussein by hanging.
  • Deadly Bombing

    Deadly Bombing
    A deadly bomb attack kills more then 100 people in Bagdad.
  • Obama's visit

    Obama's visit
    Obama visits American troops in Iraq.
  • Violent Bombing

    Violent Bombing
    In the most violent attack of 2009, a suiside bomber kills eighty people.
  • Troops withdraw

    Troops withdraw
    U.S. Troops begin to particlly withdraw from Iraq.
  • War Ends

    War Ends
    The war officially ends.