Drone pic

IRP Part III, Graphics

  • First known drone strike in Pakistan

    First known drone strike in pakistan kills at least six people: a Taliban member named Nek Mohammad and two children were among the victims.
  • Two killed in Drone Strike

    Two killed, one of them was an al Qaeda explosives expert. Haitham al- Yemeni
  • Failed Strike, Kills 8

    Failed strike against "al Qaeda's #3" kills eight people, including civilians and children.
  • HIGH PROFILE TARGET: Five killed, including important Taliban member

    Senior al Qaeda operative, Abu Hamza Rabia, killed along with two other militants and two boys (ages eight and 17).
  • Two attacks: 18 deaths

    Targeted Ayman al Zawahiri, at a possible militant commanders' meeting, target was not there. At least 22 people, mostly civilians, died. five children were killed as well.
  • Strike on "Taliban training camp"

    Drone strike on an alleged "Taliban training camp" killed around 82 people, inclding at least 69 children.
  • Eight Taliban members killed

    Unsure of whether deaths were those of Taliban members or civilians. One child killed.
  • Attack on a house

    Attack on a house and madrassa killed 3-4 people, all civilians.
  • Around 30 people dead

    Around 30 illed in an attack on madrassa. Reports state that all killed were civilians, and possible children among the dead.
  • CIA drone strike

    CIA drone strike kills around 8 Haqqani Network militants
  • Senior al Qaeda figure killed

    Abu Laith al- Libi, senior al Qaeda figure, was killed along with 14 others, three of them children, two civilians.
  • Eleven killed, possibly students

    At least eleven killed, possibly students, during a protest on a madrassa.
  • Sixteen killed

    At least 12 militants killed in an attack on the home of a tribal elder Noorullah Wazir, two civilians killed.
  • Failed Attack

    Failed attack on Abu Sulayman al Jazairi, an al Qaeda weapons expert, results in sixteen deaths, kills three children and two civilians.
  • One killed

    One killed in strike.
  • Nine dead

    Strike on a seminary killed al Qaeda's "chemical weapons team" along with a woman and three children.
  • Five attacks

    Nineteen killed: two Taliban members, at least three children, and many women killed.
  • Seven attacks, Nine dead

    Three women and four children killed in an attack on two houses. Five militants also reportedly killed.
  • Nine attacks, 21 deaths

    21 killed including three children and eight civilians.
  • Six attacks, fourteen killed

    At least fourteen killed, including Westerners and US Citizens.
  • Five attacks, seven deaths

    Seven killed, all civilians.
  • Four attacks, 7-11 killed

    7-11 people killed, at least three children are included.
  • Nine attacks, 23 dead

    A drone swarm attacks compound killing 23 militants.
  • Two attacks, 31 killed

    31 deaths, many of them were militanst along with an 8- year old boy and eight civilians.
  • Five attacks, five deaths

    5 killed in strike on a house. Unsure whether casualties were civilians or militants.
  • Five attacks, thirteen killed

    Women and children among thirteen killed
  • Five attacks, 75 killed

    75 killed (including at least 25 civilians) in a strike on a funeral. Ten children were among the dead.
  • Seven attacks, 17 killed

    Seventeen militants killed in strike.
  • Four attacks, twenty killed

    At least 20 killed in strike on alleged 'Taliban suicide bomber training camp'. Four children killed.
  • Seven attacks, thirteen killed

    At least 13 killed, including three children and two civilians, in strike on a home.
  • Three attacks, Four dead

    Four militants killed in strike on a home.
  • Three attacks, Seven killed

    Three civilians, including a child, killed in a strike on a 'training compound, seven victim's total.
  • Seven attacks, fourteen deaths

    Two al Qaeda commanders among fourteen deaths, other casualties included militants and six civilians.
  • Failed attack, over 20 killed

    Failed attack on TTP leader Hakimullah Mahsud. Over 20 killed.
  • Ten attacks, seven dead

    Seven rescuers, at least four of them civilians, killed as they try to retrieve the dead and injured.
  • Five attacks, thirteen dead

    At least eleven civilians among the thirteen dead in an attack.
  • Seven attacks

    Al Qaeda's chief finance officer Mustafa Abu Yazid killed allong with ten others, including two civilians and four children.
  • Six attacks, fourteen deaths

    Fourteen deaths, including foreigners.
  • Five attacks, seven civilians killed

    Over 12 people killed, at least seven civilians included, in an attack on a home.
  • SEven attacks, Commander killed

    Taliban commander killed in strike, seven civilian casualties.
  • Twenty-three attacks, ten killed

    Four children and six militants killed in attack on houses. Ten total casualties.
  • High profile target

    Four militants killed in attack on truck, including Sheikh al- Fateh, the al Qaeda chief iin Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Sixteen attacks, seven killed

    Seven killed, at least two civilians, in an attack on a house.
  • Fourteen attacks, Four teaths

    Four civilians killed in a car during an attack.
  • Fourteen attacks, high profile target

    Seven killed in strike on cars. Incluing the local Lel commander and high profile target, Ali Marjan.
  • Ten attacks, five deaths

    Five militants killed in an attack on a car.
  • Three attacks, nine dead

    Nine killed, possibly all civilians, in an attack on a house and car.
  • Nine attacks, nine killed

    At least nine killed, possibility that all were civilians.
  • Two attacks, twenty- six deaths

    Up to 26 killed, including four civilians and three children, in strike on a home.
  • Eight attacks, seventeen dead

    Seventeen killed, including six civilians, when a restauraunt was hit along with a targeted religious school.
  • High profile target

    High profile target, senior al Aqeda commander, Ilyas Kashmiri, killed along with eleven others.
  • Seven attacks, nine deaths

    Nine deaths after a house and/or car is hit.
  • Six attacks, twenty-three dead

    Twenty- three killed and vehicle destroyd in pre-dawn strike.
  • High Profile Target

    Four killed along with Aleemullah, a senior Taliban commander.
  • High profile target

    Five killed and four injured in strike on a vehicle to kill Hazrat Omar, a Taliban commander.
  • Nine attacks, five killed

    Stirke on vehicle, five killed, four were civilians.
  • Four attacks, twenty killed

    Twenty killed in strike on two housing compounds.
  • HIgh profile target

    Senior operations organizer for al Qaeda, Asiam Awan, killed along with three others.
  • High profile target

    Badar Mansoor, senior al Qaeda leader, killed along with seven others, including two civilians.
  • Four attacks, twelve deaths

    Twelve killed in strike on a car, among the dead was a German citizen, Samir H., believed to be one of the most dangerous Islamist extremists in the country.
  • Five killed

    Five killed and three injured on an attack.
  • Six attacks, ten killed

    Nine killed, five civilians, during strike.
  • High profile target

    Ten killed in a strike on militant compound. Abu Yahya al- Libi, al Qaeda's second in command killed.
  • Four attacks, twenty- one killed

    CIA drones strike a house killing at least 17. First strike since Pakistan re-opened its borders to Nato convoys after a seven month diplomatic stand- off.
  • High profile target

    Sixteen people killed in a coordinated series that hit villages. Badruddin Haqqani, commander of military operations and third- in- command of the Haqqani Network killed.
  • Three attacks, seven killed

    Seven killed, including a senior al Qaeda member, Abu Kasha al Iraqi, when two missiles destroyed a compound.
  • Four attacks, twenty- one killed

    Four missiles fired at a madrassa, killing twenty- one people.
  • Three killed

    Three killed in drone strike.
  • Five attacks, Eight killed

    Eight killed, on civilian, including senior al Qaeda commander Sheikh Kahlid Bin Abdul Rehman al Hussainan.
  • CIA drone strike

    CIA drones killed Maulvi Nazir, a powerful leader of the Taliban. Nine others killed.
  • High profile target

    Shah Fisal, a militant commander under TTPleader killed along with five others in a strike on a vehicle.
  • CIA Drone strike

    CIA drone strike kills four, at least one civilian, when 2-6 missiles hit a building, which caught fire.
  • Three killed

    Three militants killed.
  • CIA drone strike

    CIA drones destroyed a house the day after the ICRC's president criticized the US' drone campaign in Pakistan.
  • High profile target

    Wali Ur Rahman, second in command of the TTP, was killed in the first strike since a landmark speech, along with six others.
  • Eight killed

    Eight killed, including a local Taliban commander.
  • High profile target

    CIA strike kills at least seventeen people, including senior al Qaeda operative, Abu Salf al- Jazeri.
  • Four killed

    Four killed in an attack on a vehicle.
  • Four attacks, six killed

    Six killed in strike on house including senior Haqqani member, Mullah Sangeen Zadran.
  • Three killed

    Three killed in drone strike.
  • High profile target

    Fifteen killed when US drones killed TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud. Most significant strike since the start of the year.
  • Four killed

    Four people killed in drone strike.