Persian gulf war

The First Persian Gulf War- Operation Desert Storm

  • Saudi Arabia can be defended

    A U.S. war game allows Saudi Arabia the possibiblity of being defended against Iraqi invaders. With this comes consequences.
  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Mid-day August 2 Iraq makes the beggining mark of the war by invading Kuwait with a forcefull army.
  • The United Nations gets involved

    Immediatly, the United Nations condemns Iraqs invasion. They declare that all Iraqi innvaders be removed from Kuwait.
  • European ban on oil

    The Europeans along with their alliance of 12 nations make the move of banning all imports of Iraqi oil. They did this to be safe from getting involved in the war that was to come or to attempt to stop the upcoming violence.
  • President Bush gets involved

    President Bush dragging the United Stated along with him, declares that the Iraqi invasion "will not stand." By doing this he has become involved in the war to come, and his ideas have been recorded. He also means to say that he will be doing something about the possible "war to come".
  • The UN Security Counsil makes a vote

    "The UN Security Council votes to impose economic sanctions on Iraq" This means that as a council they have voted to withdraw all economic connections that are back and forth from the UN and Iraq. They did this to attempt to eliminate further conflict and to threaten Iraq.
  • Operation Desert Sheild

    The United States (President George Bush) initiates "Operation Desert Shield" leading to American troops being sent to Iraq. This was to threaten the Iraqi invaders and to attemt to stop an Iraqi attack
  • U.S. air force arrives

    After multiple attempts to remove Iraqi invaders the U.S. Air force fighter planes station in Saudi Arabia. Allowing for Saudi Arabia to be safer.
  • Arab sending help for the U.S. troops

    The Arab League, which is "a coalition of Middle Eastern nations" votes on helping out the U.S. by sending troops to aid/help the U.S. troops that are stationed along the borders.
  • Period: to

    Prisnors of Iraq

    Saddam Hussein, who is the Iraqi dictator makes the shoking announces that "the 9,000 North American, European, and Australian citizens in Kuwait are now prisoners of Iraq". This means that the attemps of preventinf violence and war will be unsucsesfull.
  • Reserve forces come into use

    Reserve forces are brought into use by President Bush, because of the seriousness of the situarion. This was the first such call-up since the Vietnam War.
  • UN Security Council brings in the naval forces

    In order to enforce the trade embrargo, the UN Security Council comands for the American naval forces which were currently settled at the Persian Gulf to enforce the new authority.
  • Secret delagation to Wahington

    The secret Israeli delegation takes a trip to Wahington. The purpose was to stress likelihood of Iraqi attack on Israel, that is if war begins, which at this point was almost certain to happen. They got to the way of flight which later becomes a danger because of terrorist attacks.
  • Schwarzkopf request for Army planners

    Schwarzkopf who was grounded in Tampa asks four individual Army planners to work on the ground offensive. This was a very dangerous and secretive process.
  • CENTCOM's is reveiled

    CENTCOM's One Corps Concept is reveiled at the White House
  • UN Security Council authorizes "all means necessary"

    "UN Security Council authorizes use of "all means necessary" to eject Iraq from Kuwait." They do this because they know that it could become violent but President Bush has decided to double troops and the violence is necessary at this point.
  • Release of hostages

    Saddam Hussein frees the 9,000 hostages. He does this out of fear from the increasing size and will of the troops from the UN.
  • Peace talks betwwen the U.S. and Iraq

    Peace talks between The Secretary of State James A. Baker, III representing the U.S. and Tariq Aziz representing Iraq end in a stalemate. This is good and bad because citizens may not like this and the violence may only decrease by a small amount.
  • Debate over reselutions

    Congress of the UN and mainly the US begin to debate over resolutions. Considering the advantage of President Bush's ability to force to expel the Iraqis from Kuwait.
  • Resolution passes

    The resolution called the use of force passes in both houses of Congress.
  • Deadline for Iraqi withdraw is reached

    The UN inforced deadline for Iraqi withdrawal is reached. Schwarzkopf accuses the U.S. Air Force of "ignoring orders by not including Republican Guard in initial bombing sorties."
  • Allied Attack

    The attack consisting of many allied groups begin to fight. The first stike was by the Apache at 2:38 A.M.
  • Scuds hit Israel and U.S. air is launched

    The Scuds hit Israel. Navy aircraft losses leading to recriminations about low-altitude bombing tactics from Scud sites. Later in the day the first American air attacks are launched from Turkey.
  • Oil trigger

    Schwarzkopf threatens to court-martial due to the Navt attacks on the Iraqi oil. This leads to the British high command being shocked by their aircraft losses, abandons low-altitude attacks against airfields which could potensially start something even bigger.
  • Aircraft shelters

    Intense attacks against Iraq lead to the beigging of Iraqi aircraft shelters, which could later be destroyed.
  • Counter Iraqi Sabotage

    U.S. Marines in Omans land on Kuwaiti coast. Leading to F-111s oil attack in effort to counter Iraqi sabotage.
  • Attack on Khfji

    Iraqis attack Khafji along with other border locations. Allied pilots begin flying combat air patrols to Iran.
  • Khafji is recaptured

    Khafji is recaptured and land is returned.
  • Last Tomahawk missiles launched in Baghdad

    The last Tomahawk missiles are launched in an attack on the Baghdad airfield. Which means that peace could possibly be near or could be wanted by rulers.
  • First gunfire targets Kuwait

    The first battleship gunfire against the targets in Kuwait. Which means there is more violence inching over to the Kuwait side.
  • Strike against Al Firdos causes many deaths

    Strike against Al Firdos bunker decision kills more than two hundred civilians along with leading to the restrictions on strategic bombing campaign. This shows how neighbors can go aginst neighbors. Keep in mind that some wars were within even the smallest communities not only between big states.
  • Saddan's peace plan

    Hussein plan which consisted of multiple un-believable conditions was publicly called "a cruel hoax." by President Bush.
  • 1st Calvary Decision

    "1st Cavalry Division feints up the Wadi al Batin; pulls back with three dead and nine wounded." This goes to show the damage that one small desition can do when the wrong people are disagreeing or not agreeing at all.
  • CIA and Pentagon officials meet

    CIA and Pentagon officials meet at the White House and discuss air differences over battle-damage assessment. Then yet again Bush sets deadline for Iraqi withdraw:February 23
  • Stealth fighters attack

    Stealth fighters attack Iraqi intelligence headquarters,allied POWs are inside. Which allowed for an easy capture.
  • Ground Attack begins

    The attack begins while Schwarzkopf plns to accelerate main attack of VII Corps by a fifteen hour difference.
  • Diversionary and Coalition forces trick the Iraqi army

    Diversionary forces tricked Iraqi forces into moving east as the Coalition force was moving onto the Iraqi western flank, which obviosly took what was left of the Iraqi army by surprise. "Within two days the Coalition took 30,000 Iraqi prisoners." This was an extreamly clever, sneaky and effeciant stradegy!
  • Iraqi Scub missle

    An Iraqi Scud missile hit the American military stations in Saudi Arabia, leaving 28 soldiers dead and injuring 97 more.
  • Main road out of Kuwait city bombing

    10,000 Iraqi trrops were killed when the main road our of Kuwait city was jamed and bombed by Cpalition aircraft. Situations like these show what the smallest of problems can kill thousands.
  • Allies take Kuwait City

    Kuwait city is taken over by its own allies.
  • Period: to

    Largest tank battle since World War 2

    Coalition tanks, armored infantry vehicles, and combat helicopters destroy 200 Iraqi tanks. While there were no Coalition losses reported.
  • Saddam Hussein agrees to end the fighting.

    After peace has been made with only one person left Saddam Hussein finally agrees to peace. Will this last?
  • POWs are released.

    The POW's are realeased showing a sighn of peace.
  • UN Security Council orderss Iraq to get rid of nuclear weapons and any building of nuclear weapons

    "The UN Security Council orders Iraq to cancel its annexation of Kuwait, assume liability for war damages, and disclose all stocks of nuclear and chemical weapons" This means that Iraq must stop the making and using of nuclear weapons because they are the main supplyer of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
  • "Iraq submits to the terms of the UN order"

    Iraq agrees to the order of not using or making nuclear weapons and shows that they are committed to making peace.
  • The Victory parade in Washington!

    Celebrating the end of the war and the new relationships built!