Unrest in Iraq

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Babylon 23rd BC

    Babylon 23rd BC
    Babylon is one of the most famous cities of the ancient world and can now be found near the town of Al-Hillah. The first records indicate that Babylon was established as a city around the 23rd century BC.
  • Jan 1, 1487

    Aqar Quf

    Aqar Quf
    Aqar Quf, is a ruin of the Kassite dynasty that replaced the first Babylonian empire of Hammurabi about 3,500 years ago.
  • Britain seizes Baghdad

    Britain seizes Baghdad
    The British occupation of Baghdad begins in the year 1917
  • Iraq gained independence from Britain's administartion

  • 4 Week War

    4 Week War
    A war of 4 weeks was fought against Britain.The British Control was regained. A pro British Government was then formed.
  • Period: to

    Unrest Among Kurds

    The unrest among the Kurds was believed to be supported by the Soviet Union.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War
    The Israelis defended the war as a preventative military effort to counter what the Israelis saw as an impending attack by Arab nations that surrounded Israel..
  • The palace at Ctesiphon

    The palace at Ctesiphon
    The palace at Ctesiphon in Salman Pak, southwest of Baghdad, is the "world’s largest, single-span mud-brick arch in the world".There is a diorama of fhe battle of Qadissiya in 637, where the followers of a nascent Islamic faith defeated the Persians. This arch was reconstructed in the 1970’s.
  • Saddam Hussayn takes power

    Saddam Hussayn takes power
    President Bakr is striped of all of his positions and put on house arrest. Saddam Hussayn becomes the new Presedent of Iraq.
  • Sadaam Hussein: Became President

    Sadaam Hussein: Became President
    In 1979 when al-Bakr tried to unite Iraq and Syria which would leave Saddam feeble and helpless so Saddam forced al Bakr to resign. On July 16, 1979, Saddam became Iraq’s next president.
  • Execution of Ba'ath Party Members

    Execution of Ba'ath Party Members
    400 members of the ruling Ba'ath Party are execuded by the comand of Saddam Hussein.
  • Iraq invades Iran

    Iraq invades Iran
    Iraq invades Iran and takes control over Iranian Land
  • Russia and Iraq seal deal

    Russia and Iraq seal deal
    Russia signs a deal with iraq on upgrading the countries MiG jet fighters
  • Colin Powell Prooves WMD are present

    Colin Powell Prooves WMD are present
    Colin Powel shows proof to the United Nations Security Council that Iraq still produces and holds weapons of mass destruction.
  • First US attack

    First US attack
    The first US attack was preformed by bombing sourthern Iraq and Baghdad.
  • War Against Iraq

    War Against Iraq
    Britain and the USA enter war against Iraq. The final demand was US President George W Bush.
  • U.S. Invaded Iraq for Sadaam Hussein

    U.S. Invaded Iraq for Sadaam Hussein
    After the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, Soviet intelligence gave information to the U.S. government that revealed Iraq was planning additional terrorist attacks against the United States. Despite this, on March 20, 2003 under the impression that Saddam in fact had a clandestine weapon program and was planning attacks on the U.S. invaded Iraq but Saddam managed to get away.
  • Suicide bombers attack Shia festival

    Suiciode bombers attack Shia festival in Karbala and in Baghdad, killing 140 people.
  • Jalal Talabani Elected President

    Jalal Talabani Elected President
    Jalal Talabani was elected president of Iraq and is still currently the president.
  • First Voting since US invasion

    Iraqis vote for the first parliament and full-termm government since the USA led invasion
  • Period: to

    Average civilians killed per day

    The UN took data from a month in Iraq saying an average of 100+ people per day are killed by violence.
  • Nouri al-Maliki became prime minister of Iraq

    Elected prime minister in 2006. Reelected prime minister in 2010.
  • Worst attack on the Capital since 2003

    Worst attack on the Capital since 2003
    More than 200 people die in car bombings in the Shia area of Sadr City in Baghdad. This was the worst attack since the US-led invasion of 2003.
  • Iraq and Syria

    Iraq and Syria
    Iraq and Syria restore diplomatic relations after almost a quarter of a century.
  • Execution on Saddam Hussein

    Execution on Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein is executed for crimes against humanity.
  • Sadaam Hanged for his crimes

    Sadaam Hanged for his crimes
    An intense search began looking for Saddam and on December 13, 2003 was found and taken to a U.S. military base in Baghdad where he stayed until June 30, 2004 when he was officially handed over to the Iraqi government to stand trial. On November 5, 2006 he was found guilty for his crimes and sentenced to death. On December 30, 2006 he was hanged despite his request to be shot.
  • Green Zone Bombing

    Green Zone Bombing
    Two car bombs near the Green Zone in Baghdad kill 155+. This was iraqs deadliest attack since April 2007.
  • Church In Baghdad seized

    Church In Baghdad seized
    A church in Baghdad was seized by militants. At least 52 people were killed in whgat is described as " the worst single disaster to hit Iraqs Christains in modern times.
  • Escalating Violence

    40 co-ordinated nationwide attacks in one day
  • Bombings aimed toward Shiite Muslims

    Shortly after midnight Wednesday, a homemade bomb exploded in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. Nearly 200 people are killed in multiple bombings targetting Shiite Muslims.
  • Map of Iraq (and it's surrounding countries)

    Map of Iraq (and it's surrounding countries)
  • Suicide Bomber

    The most recent events to occur in Iraq is a suicide bomber with a truck of explosives parking infront of an elementary school, killing 13 kids and one adult. Another suicide bomber parked infront of a polive station and killed 3 officers. There as been a large wave of violence occuing in this nation.
  • St. Matthew’s Monastery

    St. Matthew’s Monastery
    St. Matthews Monastary is one of the oldest Christian sites in the world. Eected in the 4th Century A.D.. Located on the side of a steep rugged mountain after the American invasion in 2003 and the relative opening of the Kurdish region, that underwent a thorough, modern reconstruction.