President George Walker Bush Timeline

  • President Bush Birth

    President Bush Birth
    George Bush was born on July 6th, 1946. He was born in New Haven within the state of Connecticut. He was born as the eldest of 6 children.
  • Bush family moves to Texas

    Bush family moves to Texas
    The Bush Family moved to Houston, Texas in 1958. The family moved because George's father wanted to gain experience as an entrepreneur in the oil fields of Texas.
  • George Goes to Yale

    George Goes to Yale
    In 1964, George Bush got into Yale University, much like his father and grandfather before him.
  • George W Bush Leaves Yale

    George W Bush Leaves Yale
    In 1968, Bush had graduated from Yale University with a Bachelors degree in History
  • Bush Joins The Air National Guard

    Bush Joins The Air National Guard
    On May 27, 1968 George enlisted in the Air National Guard just 2 weeks before the end of his years at Yale University. And Despite being within the military when America aided the South Vietnamese in the Vietnam war, George actually never went overseas to fight.
  • George attends Harvard

    George attends Harvard
    In 1975 George was honorably discharged from the National Guard so he could attend Harvard Business School after obtaining an MBA from the school.
  • Harvard Graduation

    Harvard Graduation
    In 1975, George had graduated from Harvard Business with a GPA of about 77.
  • George Leaves the Military

    George Leaves the Military
    In 1975, George had revived an invitation to join Harvard Business School. The invitation being an MBA. And is known as the only president to obtain an MBA.
  • Marriage With Laura Welch

    Marriage With Laura Welch
    On November 5, 1977, George Bush got married to Luara Welch. This was slightly controversial at the time because they'd had only known each other for a short time
  • House of Representatives Election

    House of Representatives Election
    By the 70s, George had taken an interest into politics much like his father and grandfather. In 1978 he had tried to be elected into the house of representatives but had failed,
  • Bush Sr. Runs as a Presidential Candidate

    Bush Sr. Runs as a Presidential Candidate
    In 1980 George's father, George H. W. Bush ran for president against Ronald Reagan. During these years he worked in D. C. Trying to help his father's campaign.
  • Bush Twins Are Born

    Bush Twins Are Born
    On November 25, 1981, Barbara and Jenna Bush were born in Dallas, Texas. George W Bush would later be known as the only president to have twins.
  • Bush Sr Wins Election

    Bush Sr Wins Election
    On November 7, 1889, Bush Sr. Won the presidential election which would help his son, George W Bush gain experience in politics and business.
  • Governor of Texas

    Governor of Texas
    In 1990 many predicted that Bush Jr would run as Texas governor. They thought this because his father was popular for his vice presidency and presidency. And by the time the election rolled around he had won it.
  • Governor reelection

    Governor reelection
    in 1995, he ran as governor of Texas again. And he had won in a landslide against wildly unpopular Ann Richards. These Governor electoral wins would help him gain popularity in his future presidential wins.
  • George Bush Runs as President In 2000

    George Bush Runs as President In 2000
    By November 6th, it was election day and was home to one of the closest elections in US history against a Democratic candidate at the time, Al Gore. Bush's Vice President was Dick Cheney
  • Inauguration

    On January 20, 2001, Then new President George W Bush was inaugurated into the white house where he would stay for another 7 years.
  • The 9/11 Attacks

    The 9/11 Attacks
    On September 11, 2001, starting at 8:45 AM, a series of planes had hit several key areas across the United States. The most famous of course in the World Trade Center. The others included an attack on the Pentagon and a failed attack on Flight 93 that had caused the passengers to regain control of the plain and stop it, causing it to crash in Pennsylvania.
  • The War on Terror

    The War on Terror
    Just following the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center, President George W Bush had declared “The United States of America will use all our resources to conquer this enemy... This battle will take time and resolve, but make no mistake about it, we will win.” In a national broadcast to the country.
  • The Anthrax Scare

    The Anthrax Scare
    The Capital building was shut down after an event deemed "The Anthrax Scare" had happened in which letters were shipped to senators that had a potentially deadly virus attached.
  • Creation of the Department of Homeland Security

    Creation of the Department of Homeland Security
    Following the 9/11 attacks, Bush had created the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the citizens of the US would be protected by their government
  • The Start of The Second Gulf War

    The Start of The Second Gulf War
    On March 20, 2003, President George W Bush had declared war on Saddam Hussein's Regime in Iraq. Claiming that the country had "Weapons of mass destruction."
  • The 2004 Reelection

    The 2004 Reelection
    On November 2nd 2004, the 2004 election was being held between Republican candidate George W Bush and Democrat John Kerry. And Although not near as close as the last election, the election went 286-251.
  • Second Inauguration

    Second Inauguration
    After his reelection, Bush had had his second Inauguration. During his inauguration he made a speech claiming that the second term goal was freedom across the world.
  • State of Union Address

    State of Union Address
    On February 2nd 2005, president Bush had made an address following the American victory against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Regime. Within the address he stated that the US would establish a functional democratic nation.
  • The Great Recession

    The Great Recession
    Later in his presidency, an event called the "Great Recession" had just began, and the expensiveness of the Second Gulf War and War on Terror didn't help the economy.
  • Leaving Office

    Leaving Office
    On January 20th, 2009, At the end of his final term, George W Bush had left the White house with a low approval rating of only 33%
  • After Office

    After Office
    After leaving the White House, Former President George W Bush had returned to his life in Midland Texas. He says that he had enjoyed his relaxation and time away from power. Refraining from politics and criticizing his successor.
  • Osama Bin Laden Death

    Osama Bin Laden Death
    On May 2nd, 2011, Osama Bin Laden had finally been tracked down and killed by the US government after nearly 10 years after president Bush had started the war to find him.
  • Bush Legacy

    Bush Legacy
    After Presidency Bush had retired to Texas and continues to be an active member of his community and is now known to do occasional oil painting.