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90's Timeline

  • 1990's DNA Advances

    1990's DNA Advances
    FDNA advances help to solve ciminal investigations. The new processes lead to breakthroughs in idetifying the genetic code of an individual.
  • Human Genome Project

    Human Genome Project
    The Human Genome Project is a project initiated to map the entire geneome of the human body. If this project was to be completed many cures to diseases may become available.
  • Bosnian Crisis

    Bosnian Crisis
    An international armed conflict in Bosnia and Heregovina. The war resulted in the break up of Yuoslavia and the conflict of new territory.
  • Rodney King Riots in Los Angelos

    Rodney King Riots in Los Angelos
    • Despite Videotape evidence, 4 policeman founded Not Guilty.
    • Aftermath - largest Riots in American history.
  • Election of 1992

    Election of 1992
    An election etween Bill Clinton, H. Ross Perot and George W. Bush. This eelection resulted in a close win by Bill Clinton, a president who is much liked today.
  • Health Care Reform

    Health Care Reform
    A health care plan to change the health care of the US. Headed by First Lady Hillary Clinton the reform was unable to pass through congress as a result of strong Republican opposition.
  • World Trade Center Car Bombing

    World Trade Center Car Bombing
    Al Qaeda detonates a car bomb on North tower killing 5.
  • Waco Crisis

    Waco Crisis
    A seige attempted by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to relieve weapons and illegal happenings of the men in a warehouse in Waco Texas. The outcome was awful as it resulted in a fire and combined assault that ended in the death of 20 children, 2 pregnant women and 53 others.
  • Somalia Intervention

    Somalia Intervention
    18 US soldiers die during a raid in the Battle of Mogadishu. Mission was famine relief raid to capture warlord Aidid. AKA "Black Hawk Down".
  • European Union

    European Union
    The Uninon of Europe through which the European countries gather. They come together to discuss problems and issues of Europe along with the Euro.
  • First battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down)

    First battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down)
    A battle that broke out in the city of Mogadishu in which the US launched an attack to capture/kill the warlord Aidid. The attack resulted in the crash of 2 Black Hawk helicopters and many soldiers from both the US and Somalians to be killed or wounded.
  • Brady Bill

    Brady Bill
    Put in place as a result of James Brady being killed as a result of the attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan. It prohibited the possession of a firearm by anyone who had previously been convicted of a crime.

    Agreement to eliminate trade tariffs and promote open/free trade between US, Mexico, and Canada was signed.
  • Contract with America

    Contract with America
    A republican backed program that favored 10 conservative changes to the US government. Chief Author: Newt Gingrich.
  • MLB Baseball Strike

    MLB Baseball Strike
    No baseball World Series.
  • OJ Simpson Trial

    OJ Simpson Trial
    A muder case trial of the former NFL star OJ Simpson.
  • Oklahoma City Car Bombing

    Oklahoma City Car Bombing
    168 people dead in bombing of federal building in Oklahoma City.
  • Internet

    Internet developed and first used for communication purposes between college professors. Firtst use by around 14 science professors to share their findings.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    This was the start of the relelutionof the modern Windows Operating System and operating systems to come. It used aneasy-to-use graphical interface that many OS now use. It made the computer more of a personal computer.
  • Dayton Peace Accords

    Dayton Peace Accords
    In Dayton Ohio, a peace treaty was signed between Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovia, Serbia and Montenegro; the ongoing mini wars in Yugoslavia had officially ended.
  • Euro

    The single currency used throughout most of Europe known as "The Euro Zone" This same currency causes the peace between the countrie as their economics rely on eachother.
  • Blizzard of 1996

    Blizzard of 1996
    The Northeast was shut down with record snow falls. Babies born named "Blizzard Babies". 3Ft of snow most on record.
  • Kosovo Crisis

    Kosovo Crisis
    A war started as a result of increasing attacks on police stations and Yugoslavian government. These attacks were carried out by a Terrorist Group called the KLA.
  • Flight 800

    Flight 800
    All 230 passengers are killed from the 747 plane crash. Caused by an electrical malfunction on-board during flight.
  • Olympic Park Bombing

    Olympic Park Bombing
    Anti-Abortion acticist sets off bomb, killing one, at the Atlanta Games. Police guard ran to help people after explosion. Media ruined life by convincing world that he was the bomber although he was only just a suspect.
  • Election of 1996

    Election of 1996
    A hard fought election between Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Ross Perot. The election resulted in a re-election of the Democratic candidate Bill Clinton.
  • Independence of Hong Kong

    Independence of Hong Kong
    Endland gives all control of Hong Kong to China.
  • Kyoto Protocol

    Kyoto Protocol
    An international treaty that establishes a protocol to achieve a stabalization of greenhouse gases. This treaty has been adopted by almost every country in the world.
  • Unabomber Pleads Guilty

    Unabomber Pleads Guilty
    The Unabomber recieves a life sentence without parole.
    Bomber sent mail containing semtex explosives in which
    upon opening exploded in teh recipients face resulting in
  • Lewinsky Affair

    Lewinsky Affair
    President Clinton admits having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Congress impeaches the President as a result. *House of Representatives - Impeaches president.
    *Senate - Holds trial for impeachment.
  • US Bombs Al Shaifa Plant

    US Bombs Al Shaifa Plant
    The US military bombs a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan claiming it had terrorist.
  • Newt Gingrich Resigns

    Newt Gingrich Resigns
    The former republican speaker of the house resigns. Only Speaker to break ethic rules.
  • Impeachment of Bill Clinton

    Impeachment of Bill Clinton
    President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Reperesentatives on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. The trial inevitably ended in the conclusion that the President was innocent.
  • "Dot-Com" Economic Collapse

    "Dot-Com" Economic Collapse
    An artificial bubble on the NASDAQ was created as it had just recently established. It peaked on May 10, 2000 and began to crash as a result of the artificial rise in stocks as it had just so recently been established with the introduction of the internet.