Walt Elias Disney

By mrodell
  • Born 1901 Dec.5

    Born 1901 Dec.5
    Walt Elias Disney was born 1901 December fifth in Chicago Illions.He was born in a room in a house that his father built himself.
  • Interest in art

    Interest in art
    Walt Disney fell in love with art at the age of 5.He started selling photos and paintings to family and friends.
  • Train Interest

    Train Interest
    In 1911 he fell in love with trains.He took a summer job selling newspapers to travelers on trains.
  • Job and Studio

    Job and Studio
    He took a job as a newspaper artist and mad his own studio.
  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood
    In 1922 he made Little Red Riding Hood. It was a merable cartoon.
  • Cartoon

    Alice in cartoon land was one of the least well known cartoon he made but it was also one of the greatest.
  • Married

    He was married in 1924 to a woman named Lilian Disney.
  • Marry poppins

    Marry poppins
    Marry poppins is the last movie he made before dieing
  • Death

    He died of lung cancer.