Walt Disney

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  • Birth

    He was born in Chicago Illinois. His fathers was Elisa Disney, and his mother was Flora Disney.
  • First Step

    First Step
    Walt moved to Kansas City and got a job at an art studio for $50 month. Other than school this was his first true art job. And a stepping stone to his future. the name of the studio was Permen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio. During this time he often made trips to Chicago and back.
  • Birth of an empire

    Birth of an empire
    Walt and his brother Roy create the Disney Brothers Studio, but they rename it later on to Walt Disney Studios. After many failed companies slowly but surly it began to take off.
  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney and first debuted on the 19th of November. Today he is one of the most easily recognized characters.
  • Silly Symphony

    Silly Symphony
    Walt launched a series of animated cartoons with music. The first being The Skeleton Dance. These animated shorts paved the way for Disney's future animated feature films.
  • Seven Dwarfs

    Seven Dwarfs
    This year Disney released its first feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was the first animated feature film to be in english and color. Making 8 million in the box office during the great depression.
  • The first of many

    The first of many
    The grand opening of the famous Disneyland. It is located in Anaheim, California, US. Today the park has over 60 attractions which is vastly larger than the original 13. The first of 12 parks now run by Disney all over the world.
  • Marry Poppins

    Marry Poppins
    Marry Poppins was a huge success, it was nominated for thirteen academy awards, one of which being best picture. It won five awards, which include best original sound, best actress in leading role, best film editing, best visual effects, and best score.
  • Epcot

    Walt purchased land in Orlando Florida and intended to build an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. He wanted to build a utopian city of the future. Today this land has become Disney world, with one of the parks being named after his original vision Epcot with a ride showing his plan.
  • Death

    He died at age 65 of lung cancer. He created a massive company and made millions of memories for people. He created some of the most recognizable films and characters. Today his company continues to grow, and its all thanks to a man who had a dream and made it happen.