• The Creation Of Voleyball

    The Creation Of Voleyball
    William G. Morgana YMCA physical education director created a new game originally known as Mintonette.The game took some of characteristics from tennis and handball.It was designed for middle age men of the YMCA, while still requiring a bit of athletic effort.During a demonstration game, someone remarked to Morgan that the players seemed to be volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and perhaps "volleyball" would be a more descriptive name for the sport.
  • The First Rules Created

    The First Rules Created
    The First Rules written down by William G Morgan, called for a net 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) high, a 25×50 ft (7.6×15.2 m) court, and any number of players.A match was composed of nine innings with three serves for each team.Hitting the ball into the net was considered a foul (with loss of the point or a side-out)
  • The First Game

    The First Game
    The First Game of "volleyball" was played, at the International YMCA Training School (now called Springfield College),
  • A Specific Ball Designed For The Sport

    A Specific Ball Designed For The Sport
    A New Ball Was Crafted For Specific Use Spaulding Company invented the first official volleyball, out of rubber bladder made from the same material as a bicycle tire tube, cheesecloth-like material that was placed over the bladder, and a material layer that is composed of various sections sewn together.
  • Volleyball At the Playground of America convention

    Volleyball At the Playground of America convention
    Volleyball was presented at the Playground of America convention as one of the most popular sports. This was the first credit the sport received, and helped to further the sport recognition.
  • The Growth Of The Game.

    The Growth Of The Game.
    Giving The Game AwayYMCA workers took the game from Holyoke to US missionary schools in Asia. The game became very popular in the East as was played in the Oriental Games.
  • The First Volleyball Competition

    The First Volleyball Competition
    World First Championship Tournament During the World War I, United States troops introduced volleyball in Europe.The first Volleyball tournament was held in the Far Eastern Games. This was the first official world championship volleyball competition.
  • New Techniques To The Game

    New Techniques To The Game
    New Techniques the set and spike was first executed in the Philippines, the ball was set in a high trajectory and then spiked by a teammate.
  • Volleyball Added To School's

     Volleyball Added To School's
    Volleyball was added to schools physical education and intramural programs.It became a competitive fall sport for both men and women.
  • Formations

    volleyball Formations 4–2,6–2, and 5–1 are three standard formations, which refers to the number of hitters and setters respectively
  • American Expeditionary Forces

    American Expeditionary Forces
    The American Expeditionary Forces distributed 16,000 volleyballs to it's troops and allies. This provided a stimulus for the growth of volleyball in foreign lands.
  • The First Beach Game

    The First Beach Game
    Santa Monica, California, is where the first Volleyball courts were put up on the beach and Families played 6 vs. 6. And in 1930 the first two-man beach volleyball game was played.
  • Player Specialization

    Player Specialization
    Positions Filled On Every Volleyball Team Setters,Liberos,Middle blockers or Middle hitters,Outside hitters or Left side hitters, and Opposite hitters or Right-side hitters.Are 5 positions filled on every volleyball team,each of these positions plays a specific, key role in winning a volleyball match.
  • Creation Of United States Volleyball Association

    Creation Of United States Volleyball Association
    United States Volleyball Association created rules were needed in tournaments and the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA, now USA Volleyball) was created. The USA Volleyball is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball
  • Rule Differences Between Beach And Indoor Volleyball

    Rule Differences Between Beach And Indoor Volleyball
    Beach Volleyball is fundamentally similar to indoor volleyball: a team scores points by grounding the ball on the opponents' court, or when the opposing team commits a fault consecutive contacts must be made by different players. But they are major differences between beach and indoor volleyball.
  • Volleyball Referees.

    Volleyball Referees.
    The Start of approval and recognition of national volleyball referees.
  • Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

    Fédération Internationale de Volleyball
    The Federation Internationale De Volley-Ball (FIVB)was founded in Paris. Is the international governing body for the sport of indoor, beach and grass volleyball
  • Volleyball In College

    Volleyball In College
    USVBA added a collegiate division, for competitive college teams. For the first ten years collegiate competition was sparse. Teams formed only through the efforts of interested students and instructors. Many teams dissolved when the interested individuals left the college. Competitive teams were scattered, with no collegiate governing bodies providing leadership in the sport.
  • The First World Championships

    The First World Championships
    The first FIVB Men's World Championship, held outdoors in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It was for practical purposes a European Championship, with all 10 teams from Europe, and started one of the great competitions and traditions in international sport.
  • Volleyball Techniques Added

    Volleyball Techniques Added
    new volleyball techniques were developed. Off-speed hits, open hand tips, forearm passing, blocking at the net, and defensive plays such as diving and sprawling become a big part of the game.
  • Volleyball Is Introduced to the Olympic Games

    Volleyball Is Introduced to the Olympic Games
    The First Volleyball Olympic Game was play in Tokyo, Japan. Women's volleyball event; Japan took gold, the USSR took silver and Poland took the bronze medal. In the men's volleyball event; the USSR took gold, Czechoslovakia took silver and Japan took the bronze medal.
  • California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA)

     California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA)
    The California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) was formed.The CBVA has long been recognized as the authority on beach volleyball rules, to develop a single set of rules for outdoor volleyball.
  • The US National Women's Team

    The US National Women's Team
    US National Women's Team began a year-round training regime in Pasadena, Texas (moved to Colorado Springs in 1979, Coto de Caza and Fountain Valley, CA in 1980, and San Diego, CA in 1985).
  • The US National Men's Team

    The US National Men's Team
    The US National Men's begins a year-round training regime in Dayton, Ohio (moved to San Diego, CA in 1981). Volleyball Publications (A precursor of Volleyball OneR) is established by Val Keller in Huntington Beach, CA.
  • Volleyball Skills

    Volleyball Skills
    six basic skills Serve,Pass,Set,Attack,Block, and Dig are skills comprises a number of specific techniques that have been introduced over the years and are now considered standard practice in high-level volleyball.
  • Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP)

    Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP)
    The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) was formed as an official players association to negotiate with private tournament promoters. Is a beach volleyball tour which takes place throughout the United States.
  • Beach Volleyball Olympics

    Beach Volleyball Olympics
    2-person beach volleyball was added to the Olympics,When the FIVB began organizing worldwide professional tournaments, and laid the groundwork for the sport's Olympic debut.
  • Libero

    The Libero Player was introduced internationally as a player specialized in defensive skills.
  • Volleyball Equipment

    Volleyball Equipment
    The necessary equipment used now and days includes a volleyball, net and a suitable court surface. Players may wear knee, elbow and other padding, and non-slip shoes for indoor surfaces, while beach volleyball is often played in nothing more than a pair of shorts and T-shirt. Different leagues may have different regulations pertaining to court size, net height and ball specifications.
  • Recent rule changes

    Recent rule changes
    Rule Changesallowing serves in which the ball touches the net, also the service area was expanded, and changes were made to lighten up calls on faults for carries and double-touches.