Vittwia St. Clair Chapman Mickelson (Oregon Journal)

  • 83rd birthday

  • Birth of Henry Chapman

    Henry was Vittwia's sickly older brother, whom she took care of
  • Date of birth

  • Moved to Burlington, Iowa

    She was 4 years old, when the family moved to Burlington.
  • Moved to Kentucky

    The family moved to Kentucky
  • Henry and Daniel started crossing the plains for Oregon

    The doctor said it would be good for Vittwia's brother Henry to experince a complete climate change. So Henry and Vittwia's other brother, Daniel, crossed the plains for Oregon.
  • Moved back to Burlington

  • Period: to

    Voulenteered as a nurse

    She voulenteered as nurse during the civil-war
  • Landed a job as cashier during Henry's and her own travels

  • Came to Southern Oregon, started to raise Percheron horses

  • Marries Michael Mickelson

  • Michael dies

  • Builds her home

    She built her home in Ashland
  • Henry dies

  • 83rd birthday