Viola Irene Desmond

  • Birth Date and Family

    Birth Date and Family
    Viola was born on July 6th ,1914, in Halifax Regional Municipality. She was brought up in a big family with 10 siblings, her parents were James Albert Davis and Gwendolin Irene Davis. Viola's father was raised as middle-class black family, he worked for seven years working at a dock unloading goods, before he stated as a barber. Her mother was a daughter of a white minster, her grandparents were accepted into the black community.
  • Married life

    Married life
    she got married to Jack desmond, he was the first licenced black barber in nova scotia. he then worked worked in the late 50's in a barber close to his wife's beauty shop.
  • How she she started

    How she she started
    She started as a teacher in two racially-segregated schools for black students. she then began a program in the field of beauty culture school in Montreal. She was one of the few black applicants accepted in Canada. She then continued her training in Atlantic city and New york. Desmond then opened her own studio of beauty culture in Halifax called Vi's , she catered to the black community.
  • What were people's thoughts on Viola Desmond at the time of arrest?

    What were people's thoughts on Viola Desmond at the time of arrest?
    they thought she was the best founder and editor of clarion(news paper). she had the first black-owned newspaper in Nova scotia. Viola Refused to change seats instead she fought for the seat she paid for. Because of the event Viola Desmond directly Changed segregation within canada, she was named the fist black women to push back against racism.
  • what she went through after fame.

    what she went through after fame.
    She was a Canadian civil rights activist and businesswomen, who was arrested at the roseland theatre. She sat down stairs in the white only section, the theatre had a policy where black people were required to sit upstairs. She was not aware of this policy when she had paid for her down stairs ticket. this occured while she was on her away to sell beauty products, she was charged 0.40 cents and jailed over night. she was convicted without legal help.
  • Achievements

    Her success quickly grew as she opened her beauty school. Named the Desmond school of beauty culture. She designed her school to support young black women like herself. Her school was a big success that word spread and students came from New Brunswick and Quebec to in roll to her school. Due to her achievements as much as 15 or more students graduated from her program each year.
  • Viola Desmond's death

    Viola Desmond's death
    Viola was in New york city when she passed away, from gastrointestinal bleeding. (a symptom of a disorder in your digestive tract caused by Hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, and many more reasons) at the age of 50. she was burred at Camp Hill cemetery in Halifax Nova Scotia.
  • Viola Desmond a Canadian Civil rights legacy

    Viola Desmond a Canadian Civil rights legacy
    her Justice was officially recognized in 2010, The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia after her death excused her by removing her conviction from the historical record. Her story was finally known throughout Canada.
  • In her memory.

    In her memory.
    She became the first black canadian women to be featured on the Canadian $ 10 bill. She has also appeared on a Canadian postage stamp. She has her own heritage minute. In Halifax Nova Scotia named in her honour. Wanda Robson ( Viola's sister) was inspired by her sister's story. At 73 she went back to school to finish her bachelor of arts degree, and now she speaks about her sister's story to youth across Canada.
  • Her Impact on world.

    Her Impact on world.
    Her impact inspired other black women to fight racism and realize that they can go back to school and be like any other person no matter their skin tone and they too can make a change.