Vietnam War 1943-1968

Timeline created by BeccaHopkins
  • Baby Boomer Generation

    In the early 1950's the generation was called the Baby Boomer Generation because this is a time when there were large families
  • Second Race Scare

    Mccarythy a political figure from Wisconsin has a list of people in the country who were for communis,
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks tries to sit in the white section of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama and gets arrested. Eventually people will start to boycott this bus company
  • Levittown

    low cost easy to build housing became a thing and this is when tvs first became popular
  • Cenral HS

    Black students were not to enter this school. The National Guard got involved and had to escort people throughout school
  • Election

    This was the election agains JFK and Nixon in which JFK would become president. JKF was also a verteran of WW11 and was a part of the first televised debate.
  • Bay of Pigs

    This took place in Cuba where Castro was the ruler and many got killed. The US had to bargain with Castro
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Soviet Union put missiles into Cuba to keep the US from attacking. The US then told the whole world about it and that there was going to be a Naval Forces quarinitne. Soviets reomoved the missiles so the US would not invade.
  • JFK dies

    JFK gets shot during a parade in Birmingham
  • Lendon B Johnson

    LBJ takes over and gets JFK's civil rights act passed
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Divided North and South Vietnam based on communism
  • Tet Offensive

    Major attack against the US and Soviet on Chineese New Year using fire
  • Election of 1968

    Richard Nixon wins and takes over as President
  • Rise of Womens Liberation

    Women wanted equal rights and for sexism to stop
  • Watergate Burglary

    Richard ran for second term and was thought to have some of his staff go into the Watergate apartment and commit a burglary. After this political scam he resigns