Vietnam War

By jaytinn

    The Defence Minister, announces to send 30 army advisers to South Vietnam.
  • Period: to

    Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

  • Arrival in the South.

    First members of the Australian Army Training Team arrive in Sout Vietnam.
  • Increase in AATTV

    Minister of Defence announces that the Australian Army Team Vietnam (AATTV) will be increased to 83 advisers with expanded roles.
  • Death In Vietnam

    Kevin Conway (Warrant Officer Class 2) was the first Australian to die as a result of enemy action in South Vietnam
  • Increasing Army Strength.

    Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies, announced the introduction of national service to increase the strength of the army from 22,750 to 37,500. Opposition to the Vietnam war isn't accepted for a reason of exemption.
  • Assistance!

    Australian Government, responds to requests from US and South Vietnam for an additional 200 advisers and offers to send ground troops.
  • New PM

    Harold Holt succeeds Menzies as Prime Minister.
  • Long Tan

    The Battle of Long Tan.
  • VC awarded.

    Major Peter Badcoe, AATTV, is KIA leading two companies of regional forces. His outstanding heroism he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.
  • Missing Body.

    Prime Minister Harold Holt missing and is presumed drowned in Portsea in Victoria, body has never been recovered.
  • Another Prime Minister.

    John Gorton sworn to Prime Minister.
  • Gorton takes lead.

    Prime Minister John Gorton indicates Australia won't increase commitment to Vietnam.
  • Binh Bah

    The Battle of Binh Bah
  • Withdrawal

    John Gorton advises that any further reductions in troops will also include the Australian forces
  • Pro-Test

    Anti-Vietnam war protesters stage the first moratorium marches in Australian cities
  • Replaced

    Sir William McMahon replaces John Gorton as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader.
  • ALP

    The Australian Labor Party is elected to Government in Australia.
  • Commitment Issues.

    Australia's military commitment to South Vietnam ends.
  • Last to leave.

    The Saigon Embassy Guard Platoon are the last Australian troops to leave Vietnam.
  • End.

    Australia closes it's embassy in Saigon, completing the withdrawal from Vietnam. Australia is no longer involved in the war.