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Vietnam War

  • Vietnam attack US

    Vietnam attack US
    N. Vietnamese attack two US. Destroyers sitting in interrational water (the Gulf of Tonkin incident)
  • The US Congress

    The US Congress
    In response to Tonkin, the U.S. Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  • Hotel in Qui Nonh

    Hotel in Qui Nonh
    A Vietcong-placed bombed explodes in a hotel in Qui Nonh, and killed 23 American servicemen
  • US bomb N Vietnam

    US bomb N Vietnam
    U.S. aerial bombing of N Vietnam begins
  • First US combat arrive

    First US combat arrive
    The First US combat troops arrive
  • Teach-In

    Fraculty members and students at the University of Michigan joined together in a teach-in. People who againsit the war id so for different reasons
  • US offers North Vietnam economic aid for peace

    US offers North Vietnam economic aid for peace
    The US offers North Vietnam economic aid for stop the war but they rejected the offers. President Jonhson raises America's combat strength in Vietnam to more than 60,000 troops
  • Dong Xai, South Vietnam

    Dong Xai, South Vietnam
    In Dong Xai, South Vietnamese Army headquarters and American Special Forces camp was overrun by a full Vietcong regimnet. US air attacks the Vietcong away
  • First Major Vietnam War

    First Major Vietnam War
    in the first major battle of vitemna way, the us won the victory and the air support killed 700 Vietcong soldiers. U.S.45 dead and more than 200 wounded
  • Largest America operation fo the war

    Largest America operation fo the war
    U.S. forces launch Operation Crimp. They bought nearly 8,000 troops, it is the largest American operation of the war. Their goal of the campaign is to capture the Vietcong's headquarters for the Saigon area.
  • The Senate Foreign Relations

    The Senate Foreign Relations
    senate foreign relations committed hold 'educational" hearings on Vietnam. Dean Rusk and other policy explain the administraion's war program.
  • Operation Attleboro

    Operation Attleboro
    new mission code-named Operation Attleboro. US and Vietnamese troops being search and destroy in Tay Ninh Province. After the mission end, more than 1,000 Vietcong and 150 Americans killed.
  • Tay Ninh

    Tay Ninh
    240 helicopters went over Tay Ninh province, beginning Operation Junction City. Their goal is to destroy Vietcong bases and the Vietcong military headquarters for South Vietnam. This is one largest air moblie.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    On the Vietnamese New Year, the Vietcong and North Vietnamese deicided to surprises attack.Tet offensive, the guerriall fighters attacked virtually all amercian airbases in South Vietnam
  • Khe Sanh

    Khe Sanh
    North Vietnamese slam into Khe Sanh without warning. American forces reply with heavy bombing
  • Nixon

    Nixon announced the withdrawal of 25,000 soldiers but he refused to view this troop withdrawal. President brough air strikes against to North Vietnam to bomb there
  • Midway Island

    Midway Island
    President Nixon meets with South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu on Midway Island in the Pacific, and they willl be more 25,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn immediately
  • Operations in Cambodia

    Operations in Cambodia
    South Vietnamese soldiers attack into Cambodia. Operations in Cmbodia last for 60 days.
  • US air

    US air
    US air support the South Vietnamese Army. The battle continued utill September 15.
  • Peace Talk In Paris

    Peace Talk In Paris
    US and South Vietnam had peace talk in the Paris. The American breakdown.
  • peace

    Nguyen Van Thieu declined to agree to any plan that let north vietnamese troops in the South.talk broke off on December 16, 1972
  • Order

    President order new bombing against North Vietnam. US drop more than 20,000 tons of bomb. The bomb killed around 1,300 and 1,600 north vietnamese
  • end the war

    end the war
    North Vietnam signed an agreement "ending the war and restroing the peace in Vietnam
  • The last group of American Soldiers

    The last group of American Soldiers
    The last group of American soldiers leaves South Vietnam. The war is over. More than 3 million American soldiers are safe. 58,000 death and over 1,000 missing. 150,000 wounded
  • War Powers Act

    War Powers Act
    The Congress passed the War Powers Act. reestablish some limits on executive power.