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Vietnam Timeline

  • Vietcong

    The vietcong was formed their full name was National Liberation Front for South Vietnam.
  • First U.S. Helicopter arrives in Vietnam

    First U.S. Helicopter arrives in Vietnam
    The first helicopter lands in Vietnam carrying 400 troops.
  • Buddhist monk on fire

    Buddhist monk on fire
    A buddhist monk sets himself on fire in protest of Diem's Policies.
  • Diem Is Overthrown

    Diem Is Overthrown
    South Vietnams President is overthrown from office by a military group, along with being overthrown he was also killed.
  • More troops go.

    More troops go.
    The U.S. sends 5,000 more troops into Vietnam.
  • Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder
    The U.S. orders 100 planes to bomb North Vietnam. The bombing goes on from now untill 1968.
  • US base attacked

    US base attacked
    Enemy troops attack a Us special forces camp in A Shau. Helicopters rescured only 12 of 17 of the Green Berets and 200 of the 400 south Vietnamese.
  • Bigest Anti-War Protest

    Bigest Anti-War Protest
    More than 250,000 people gather at Washigton D.C to Participate in the bigest Anti-War Protest during vietnam