• Jan 12, 1200


    www.wikipedia.orgThera's euruption was in the 2nd millennium BC.The eruption was one of the largest volcano eurptions on Earth (in recorded history.) The volcano is on the island named Thera (or known as Santorini) close to the mainland of Grease.
  • Dec 16, 1304


    Taupō The volcano eurupion was about 200 A.D. It affected a large part of central North Islands.
  • Mount Vesuvius, Italy

    Mount Vesuvius, Italy is 1277 meters
    Base was 48 kilometers

    Location was southern Italy near Naples
    Age is 17,000 years old
    Eruptions happened over 50 years ago
  • Mount Tambora

    Mount Tambora Tambora eurption was in Sumbawa. The eurption killed moren than 10,000 people! The eurption caused darkness and in the year of 1816 it was known as "the year without summer".
  • Mount St. Helens

    Mount St. Helens
    www.wikipedia.orgMount St. Helens is located in Washington. This volcano is well known for its ash explosions and pyroclastic flows.
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