• The Origin of NASCAR

    The Origin of NASCAR
    The Very BeginningNASCAR started during the prohibition era. It began with people trying to get away from federal tax agents.
  • NASCAR Comes Together

    NASCAR Comes Together
    FounderNASCAR's First RaceBill France Sr. started NASCAR in 1948. He was a racecar driver himself. NASCAR is an abreviation for Natioinal Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
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  • First Race

    First Race
    First RaceOriginally NASCAR was split up into three divisions, modified, roadster, and stictly stock. The first race was held 1949 at Charlotte Speedway in North Carolina with strictly stock cars.
  • End of First Season

    End of First Season
    Strictly Stock SeriesThe first complete season included eight races and two exhibition races. The first season champion is Red Byron with 117.5 points ahead of second place. He started 6 races only winning 2.
  • Long Race

    Long Race
    500 MilesPreparing for the next year, Darlington Raceway president tries to get Bill France to hold a 500 mile race, but France turns the offer down. He was not confident that the cars could go the full 500 miles.
  • Getting Specific

    Getting Specific
    Rules Apply Judge Hayes dimisses a lawsuit given by Hubert Westmoreland (mechanic). Now NASCAR is given the opportunity to disqualify cars that do not pass the technical specifications. NASCAR then created a set of regulations, a standard schedule, and a series of organized championships.
  • Strictly Stock is Renamed

    Strictly Stock is Renamed
    HistoryThe Strictly Stock series was given the new title of NASCAR Grand National Circuit. France says, "Grand National indicates quality."
  • First Sponsor

    First Sponsor
    Nash Motor CompanyNash Motor Company was the first manufacturer to invest money and time into NASCAR. They offered money at a few races and promised a new Nash to the National Grand champion.
  • Dirt Tracks

    Dirt Tracks
    Tracks ChangeDuring the 1957 season, the NASCAR tracks were mainly made of dirt and little barrier. Having little barrier, a Mercury Monetery crashed into the crowd killing many spectators. This encounraged the building of new tracks with more safety.
  • Richard Petty

    Richard Petty
    History of RacingAt the age of 21, Richard Petty races his first stock car race. He finishes 17th out of 19. This is the first of many carrer races.
  • First Daytona 500

    First Daytona 500
    Daytona 500The very first Daytona 500 was held in late Feburary to kick off a new season. This new track was 2.5 miles around. This race is said to be better than a Hollywood production.
  • Winston Cup Series

    Winston Cup Series
    Winston CupThe Grand National Series is renamed. The new title is Winston Cup Series.
  • Dale Earnhardt

    Dale Earnhardt
    Dale Sr.Dale Earnhardt begins his career by racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This will be the beginning of an extremely successful driver.
  • First Flag-to-Flag Coverage

    First Flag-to-Flag Coverage
    Boradcasting NASCAR first aired on CBS. It was the first race of the seaon (Daytona 500). Although fans liked watching the race from home, many liked the action during and after the race more. The tension between the drivers attracted them to keep watching.
  • Richard Petty Wins

    Richard Petty Wins
    WinsRichard Petty is one of the most famous NASCAR drivers. He has won seven championships in his career. He was given the name, "The King." Along with winning 200 races during his career. To this day he holds the status for most championship wins.
  • ESPN

    BroadcastingESPN broadcasts their first race from North Caolina Motor Speedway. The firsst live race from ESPN will soon follow at the Atlanta International Raceway.
  • Fastest Lap In History

    Fastest Lap In History
    Fastest TimeTo this day, Bill Elliot holds the record speed for a lap at Talladega Superspeedway. He reached 212.809mph. Doing so, he claimed the name, "Awesome Bill."
  • TNN Broadcast

    TNN Broadcast
    BroadcastingTNN begins to broadcast races on television.
  • Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr.
    <a href='http://' >Dale Earnhardt Sr., along with Richard Petty won seven championships. Being the agrressive driver he is, he got the title, "The Intimidator." Dale was able to have 76 carrer wins.
  • Dale Earnhardt Sr. Death

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. Death
    The EndAt the beginning of the 2001 season, Dale was involved in a crash on the last lap of the Daytona 500.The wreck caused him to have a basilar skull fracture. This led to a death on the track.
  • Jimmie Johnson Begins

    Jimmie Johnson Begins
    Career of JohnsonJimmie Johnson was a young and successful racer. He began racing at a young age and moved to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series after high school.
  • Nextel Cup Series

    Nextel Cup Series
    Nextel CupAt the end of the 2003 season, the sponsorship of the Winston Cup Series was dropped. In 2004, Nextel began to sponsor the main NASCAR races.
  • Sprint Cup Series

    Sprint Cup Series
    Sprint CupAt the beginning of 2005, Sprint bought out Nextel. This caused NASCAR to be called the Sprint Cup Series.
  • Nationwide Series

    Nationwide Series
    Nationwide Series The Nationwide Series is considered NASCAR's "minor league." In the past it was known as NASCAR Busch Series, then NASCAR Busch Grand National Series. Then, Nationwide Insurance announced the company would become the main sponor.
  • Female Succeed

    Female Succeed
    Female for the WinJennifer Cobb was the first female to complete a race in the top 5. She competed in the NASCAR National Series.
  • Fan Vote

    Fan Vote
    VoteEvey year fans are given the change to vote on rules for the Sprint unlimited race. This race is held before the Daytona 500. This lets the fan engage with NASCAR itself.
  • Large Crowds

    Large Crowds
    Large CrowdRacing is the most attented sport in the United States. NASCAR's largest track is the Brickyard 400. This venue is able to hold 400,000 people. As NASCAR has grown, so has its crowds. In comparision, baseball's largest attence record is 115,300 in the Los Angeles Dodgers' stadium.
  • Danica Patrick Makes It

    Danica Patrick Makes It
    Making HistoryDanica Patrick was the first woman to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup pole. She was able to beat the 1990 record time for a qualifying lap for the Daytona 500.
  • Nationwide Resign

    Nationwide Resign
    Nationwide Sponsorship Recently, Nationwide Insurance released their decision of dropping their name as the title sponsor for this series. Although, the company will be more involved with the sport by giving car and track sponsorships. The company also chose to still be the main insurance provider of NASCAR.
  • Jimmie Johnson Wins Again

    Jimmie Johnson Wins Again
    Johnson StatisticsJimmie Johnson is the next Dale Earnhardt Sr./Richard Petty. This past season, he won his sixth championship in the Spring Cup Series. In 2007-2010, he won five consecutive championships.