Social Media Timeline

  • Invention of the Internet

    Invention of the Internet
    BITNET was established in 1981, by Ira Fuchs and Greydon Freemon Inc. of Yale University. BITNET stands for "Because It's There Network." It eventually became known as "Because It's Time Newtwork." The first network link was between Cuny and Yale. Source:
  • AOL

    One of the earliest conductors of the internet. AOL originally provided a dial-up service to millions of Americans, as well as email, internet, and eventually web browser.
  • Fun Fact: Home Alone

    Fun Fact: Home Alone
    American Christmas comedy film was released!
  • Napster

    The first peer-to-peer file sharing service of its' kind, Napster was created by Sean Parker, an 18-year-old student at Northeastern University. It caught heat from the Recording Industry Association of America and artists like Metallica's Lars Ulrich, and was eventually shut down in 2001. Meeting Sean Parker Source: (
  • Fun Fact: Beanie Babies

    Fun Fact: Beanie Babies
    Adorable stuffed animals came into our life!
  • Yahoo!

    Yahoo! (originally "Jerry and David's guide to the World Wide Web) was a pioneer of the web in the early 1990's, created by two Stanford students as a directory of websites in a hierarchy. After adding a web portal, it was the most popular starting point for web users by 1998. Source: (
  • Craigslist

    Find jobs, cars, items being sold, items people are looking for and even people!
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  • Ebay

    Buy and sell items to others online!
  • Classmates

    Find classmates from elementary, middle and high school, and even college!
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  • Fun Fact: Nintendo 64 Game System

    Fun Fact: Nintendo 64 Game System
    The world's first true 64-bit home video game system with the power and speed to create stunning and realistic 3D graphics.
  • Six Degrees

    Six Degrees is regarded as the first social networking site. It included such things as profiles, friends lists, and school affiliations. While the site boasted millions of registered users, networks were small due to the limited scope of people connected to the internet. It was eventually sold in December 2000. Source: (
  • AOL Instant Messanger

    AOL Instant Messanger
    AIM was the leading instant messaging application in the North American region throughout the 1990's and early 2000's. Source: ("The Rise and Fall of AIM)
  • Google

    Social network search engine
  • Google

    Google it...
    The most widely used search engine on the web. Source:
  • LiveJournal

    Create an online blog or journal!
  • Fun Fact: Hit Clips

    Fun Fact: Hit Clips
    Digital audio player created by Tiger Electronics that plays ultra-low-fi mono one-minute clips of pop songs. Only costing around $80!
  • StumbleUpon

    Discover interesting content and rate them!
  • Kazaa

    A peer-to-peer file sharing site that followed Napster, and that was acquired by the same team that would eventually create Skype. Legal issues ensued, with a number of users were required to pay heavy fines. Source: (
  • Itunes

    Get music, Games,Shows and Movies for your Ipod, Iphone or Ipad!
  • Ryze

    A precursor to LinkedIn, Ryze was primarily used by business professionals for networking purposes. The site supposedly has more than 500,000 members around the world. Source: (
    Stream music, and watch videos. Also listen to an online radio!
  • Fun Fact: Nelly " Hot in Herre"

    Fun Fact: Nelly " Hot in Herre"
    3 on the Billboard for top performance!
  • LinkedIn

    Create an account and get connected with other professionals, apply for jobs and post jobs too!
  • Photobucket

    Photobucket is an image hosting and video hosting website.
  • WordPress

    Make websites, blogs even apps!
  • Fun Fact: Motorola Razr

    Fun Fact: Motorola Razr
    The famous Motorola Razr was released in the market!
  • Myspace

    A social networking website that allows one to interact through personal profiles, photographs, networks of friends and much more. Source:
  • Skype

    Founded by Sweden's Niklas Zennstrom, Skype allows video calls and voice chats. The company is built around a "freemium" model, and, in May 2011, the company and its technologies were acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billion. Skype celebrates with Coldplay Mojis Sources: (, (
  • BuzzNet

    Share pictures, videos and journals online!
  • Facebook

    A social networking site that was established by Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin in 2004. It was originally only accessible to Harvard attendees. It became available to everyone above the age of 13 in the year 2006. Source: "Social Network Sites: Definition, History and Scholarship."
  • Flickr

    Share photos and look at other peoples photos too!
  • YouTube

    An American video-sharing website!
  • TinyPic

    TinyPic is a photo and video sharing service,that allows users to upload, link and share, images and videos on the Internet.
  • Fun Fact: Mean Girls

    Fun Fact: Mean Girls
    You go, Glen Coco." Mean Girls was released in 2004!
  • Yelp

    Find local places, write and look at reviews.
  • Reddit

    Rate web content and talk about it!
  • Twitter

    Twitter is a social networking service that enables users to micro-blog through 140-character messages, or "tweets." Described as the "SMS of the internet," the platform now has over 310 million monthly active users. Source: (
  • CafeMom

    Get support and information from other moms!
  • Fun Fact: Wii

    Fun Fact: Wii
    A video game console released by Nintendo that took the world by storm. It branded to a much larger demographic than previously released virtual games. Source:
  • Tumblr

    Share pictures, links,quotes, music and videos from your phone or the internet and blog about it!
  • Charlie Bit My Finger

    Charlie Bit My Finger
    "Ouch Charlie! That really hurt!"
    A famously viral You-Tube video from 2007, that had us all using British accents for awhile. Source:
  • Foursquare

    Fine local places to go based on where you are at and let everyone know where you're at!
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  • #SwineFlu

    1 trending hashtag in 2009!
  • WhatsApp

    Send and receive messages, text individual people or a group. Send pictures, videos and voice messages.
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  • Pinterest

    Valued at over $11 billion, Pinterest allows users to upload, save, and manage images, or pins, on virtual pin boards used for inspiration. Sources: ( (
  • FaceTime

    For use on an iOS device with front-facing camera or Mac with a FaceTime camera, this platform specializes in one-on-one video chatting. Formerly requiring a wi-fi connection, all that is currently required is a cellular network. Source: (
  • Instagram

    Share pictures and videos, and follow other people to see their pictures and videos too!
  • Instagram

    Instagram is an online mobile photo and video-sharing social networking service. It allows users to take and publish photographs and videos that one may share either publicly or privately through the service. Source:
  • Kik

    Instant messaging, send and receive messages, pictures and videos on your mobile device!
  • ClusterFlunk

    Share notes with other classmates!
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  • Snapchat

    Snapchat is a mobile app that allows one to send and receive ultimately "expunged" pictures and videos. Source: ("Keepin Up with the Joneses: How Snapchat Stays Relevant")
  • Cucumbertown

    Blog about food, and connect with other cooks!
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  • Vine

    Make and share short clips
  • Internet Memes

    Internet Memes
    A meme deliberately altered by human creativity. Internet memes leave a footprint in the media and share some seriously relatable thoughts in hilarious ways.
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Periscope

    Live stream video, interact by commenting and sharing hearts
  • #TheDress

  • Fun Fact: Pokemon Go

    Fun Fact: Pokemon Go
    A location-based virtual reality game that allows people to "catch 'em all" using a GPS tracking device on their IOS or Android. Yes, Pokémon, really.