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Ethernet 1973-2003

  • Period: to

    Invention and Research

    The invention of Ethernet is based on the principles of packet switching, the development of both the ARPANET and ALOHANet, and it both impacted and was influenced by the principles underlying the interconnection of networks.
  • Packet Switching

    Packet Switching

  • Xerox PARC Established

    Xerox PARC Established
  • ALOHAnet

  • Ethernet@0

    • On May 22, 1973, Bob Metcalfe at Xerox PARC documented the invention of Ethernet in a Memo, which described communication across different "ethers" - including cable, telephone, and radio - building on the ALOHAnet protocol.
    • Bob Metcalfe, David Boggs, and Tat Lam built the first Ethernet prototype at 2.94 Mbps
  • IEEE TCP Paper

    IEEE TCP Paper
    Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn published a specification for TCP, titled Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection in IEEE Transactions on Communications
  • Xerox Ethernet Paper

    Xerox Ethernet Paper
  • Period: to


    The productization of the research system started with the definition of X-Wire a 20 Mbps system which then became 10 Mbps.
  • X-Wire a 10 Mbps Ethernet

    X-Wire a 10 Mbps Ethernet
  • 3Com Founded

    3Com Founded
    Bob Metcalfe founded 3Com to commercialize the Ethernet
  • Ungermann-Bass founded

    Ungermann-Bass founded
    Ungermann-Bass founded to develop Ethernet-based terminal access products
  • DIX Formed

    DIX Formed
    Bob Metcalfe persuaded Gordon Bell at DEC, David Liddle at Xerox and Phil Kaufman at Intel to jointly develop an Ethernet specification based on X-Wire. This group was called DIX
  • Period: to


    The creation of the Ethernet standard involved collaboration between DEC, Intel and Xerox, and then ratification by IEEE/ISO as IEEE 802.3.
  • Period: to


    Simultaneously to the creation of the standard, the commercialization of Ethernet began by 3Com and Ungermann-Bass, and then quickly followed by many startups.
  • IEEE 802.3 Committee Created

    IEEE formed an 802 committee to develop local area networking standards.
  • Ethernet Specification Published

    • DIX group published "Blue Book" Ethernet specification.
    • DIX: from DEC -- Michael Begun, Gordon Bell, Tony Lauck, , Dave Potter, Dave Rodgers, Rich Seifert; from Intel – Phil Kaufman, Ryan Ryan; from Xerox – Ron Crane, Yogen Dalal, David Liddle, David Redell
  • Interlan Founded

    Interlan founded to develop Ethernet components
  • 3Com raises $1.1M

    Mayfield Fund, Melchor Venture Management, and New Enterprise Associates led a $1.1 million, first-round financing for 3Com
  • Design and Performance of Local Computer Networks

  • Vitalink Founded

    George Archuleta, Don Parker, Steve Russell found Vitalink to develop satellite data communication systems. Vitalink then moved into Ethernet-wide area bridges
  • Bridge Communications Founded

    Bridge Communications Founded
    Bridge Communications founded to develop Ethernet-based terminal access products and internetwork routers
  • SEEQ creates first Ethernet chip

    Dado Banatao designs the first Ethernet chip
  • Intel Ethernet card

    Intel introduces the first Ethernet interface card
  • IEEE Evolution of Ethernet Paper

    David Redell, Yogen Dalal, John Shoch, and Ron Crane author Evolution of the Ethernet Local Computer Network, published in IEEE Computer
  • Sun Microsystems Founded

    Sun Microsystems Founded
    Sun Microsystems founded to develop UNIX workstations with Ethernet
  • DAVID Systems Founded

    John Ahlstrom, Luca Cafiero, Kevin Fong, Mario Mazzola, John Wakerly found DAVID Systems to develop Ethernet on twisted pair and hubs
  • Excelan Founded

    Excelan founded to build smart Ethernet cards
  • Novell Founded

    Novell founded to develop network software on Ethernet
  • Cabletron Founded

    Cabletron founded as a cabling installation company
  • BICC Data Networks Founded

    Chris Batterham, Janice Roberts found BICC Data Networks as one of the first European companies to provide Ethernet products
  • Cisco Founded

    Cisco Founded
    Cisco founded to develop router products
  • ISO adopts IEEE 802.3

    IEEE / ISO: Jerry Clancey, Judy Estrin, Ingride Fromm, Bob Gallin, Maris Graube, Howard Johnson, Don Loughry, Bill Lynch, Bob Printis, Freidrich Roscheisen, John Shoch
  • Lannet Founded

    Avi Folgel creates Lannet to develop Ethernet switching hubs
  • SynOptics Founded

    SynOptics founded to develop twisted-pair Ethernet hubs
  • Compaq acquired Networth

    Compaq acquired Networth
  • Wellfleet Founded

    Wellfleet founded to develop router products
  • Network General Founded

    Network General founded to develop Ethernet monitoring tools
  • 3Com acquires Bridge

    3Com acquired Bridge and entered the router business
  • Kalpana Founded

    Kalpana founded to develop intelligent switching hubs
  • Alantec Founded

    George Archuleta & John Wakerly create Alantec to develop intelligent switching hubs
  • Period: to


  • Asante Founded

    Jeff Lin & Wilson Wong create Asante to provide Ethernet adapter cards for Apple Macintosh computers
  • Tandem acquired Ungermann-Bass

  • Network Peripherals Founded

    Darrell Scherbarth & Gordon Stitt create Network Peripherals to manufacture high-speed networks
  • Grand Junction Founded

    Grand Junction Networks founded to develop 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet products
  • Crescendo Founded

    Crescendo founded to develop twisted-pair FDDI network products and Ethernet hubs
  • Cisco acquired Cresscendo

    Cisco acquired Crescendo to enter the Ethernet switch business
  • 3Com acquired BICC Data Networks

  • Ethernet@20

  • SynOptics and Wellfleet merge to form Bay Networks

  • Cisco acquired Grand Junction Networks

    Cisco acquired Grand Junction Networks
  • 3Com acquired Chipcom

    3Com acquired Chipcom
  • Granite Systems Founded

    Andy Bechtolsheim, Dave Cheriton founded Granite Systems to develop Gigabit Ethernet products
  • Cisco Acquired Granite Systems

  • Yago Founded

    Piyush Patel founded Yago to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Packet Engines Founded

    Bernard Daines founded Packet Engines, to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Prominet Founded

    Prominet founded to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Rapid City Founded

    Joe Kennedy, Milan Momirov, Ross Scheibler founded Rapid City to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Alteon Founded

    Alteon founded to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment)
  • Extreme Founded

    Extreme founded to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Foundry Founded

    Foundry founded to develop Gigabit Ethernet equipment
  • Lucent acquires Prominet

  • Bay Networks Acquires Rapid City

  • Ethernet@25

  • Ethernet@30