U.S. Presidency of Ronald Reagan

  • Ronald Reagan is Elected

    Ronald Reagan is Elected
    Reagan is elected to become president.
  • Assasination Attemp

    Assasination Attemp
    John Hinckley tried to kill Reagan, but the bullet shell was an inch away from his heart and recovers quickly.
  • Quick Recovery

    Quick Recovery
    Reagan leaves from the hospital when he was healing from the assassination attemp by John Hinkley.
  • Reagan Declares

    Reagan Declares
    Ronald Reagan anounces that the U.S. will create B-1 bombers and MX missiles. It is part of building up the millitary.
  • Tax Increase

    Tax Increase
    Ronald Reagan had signed a five cent tax inrease for a gallon of gasoline into a law.
  • Ronald Reagan Meets Mikhail Gorbachev

    Ronald Reagan Meets Mikhail Gorbachev
    Ronald Reagan meets the Soviet leader Gorbachev at Geneva, Switzerland to discuss reducing both countries stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
  • Gorbachev and Reagan Meet Again

    Gorbachev and Reagan Meet Again
    Mikhail Gorbachev goes to Washington D.C. to meet Ronald Reagan. They sign a treaty called the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
  • Reagan Leaves Office

    Reagan Leaves Office
    President Reagan leaves office while the public cast him as the most popular president since President Franklin D. Roosevelt.