US Involvement

By Trevone
  • Treaty of Friendship

    Kremlin authorized talks to negotiate the Treaty of Friendship and Alliance with the Chinese Nationalist( Considered as an appendix to Yalta by many Chinese).
  • UN decisson on Korea

    The UN declared China to be an aggressor in Korea and authorized a gobal arms embargo on shipments of arms and war material to China. China aggresion put a end to any move to replace Nationalist China(Twian) as a member of the UN and the Security Council
  • Militarty Assistance

    American Military Assistance Command formed in South Vietnam.U.S. military advisors in South Vietnam increase to 12,000 by the endof year.
  • Congress

    Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 416 to 0 in House and 88-2 in the senate, thereby authorizing U.S. combat troop involvement in Vietnam.