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    U.S. History Time-Line of awesomeness

  • Watergate

    1. Day the president nixon resighned from the white house
    2. was a major scandle which president go in trouble for lying about
    3. was a breaking
    4. president had tapes erased of convos in white house
  • President Nixon elected

    President Nixon elected
    1. reelected in office for second term
    2. beat out McGovener
  • Ford elected into office

    Ford elected into office
    1. got office because Nixon resighned
    2. Nixon is only president to ever resighn
    3. rockefeller was vice president
    4. only served 1 term and it wasnt a full one
  • Day the last americans evacuated vietnam

    Day the last americans evacuated vietnam
    1. This was the day that the last americans left during vietnam war
    2. lots of south vietnam people wanted to go but couldnt afford to take everyone.
    3. Destroyed lots of helicopters because wasnt enough room for people
  • Nuclear power plant leak

    Nuclear power plant leak
    1. in Church Rock
    2. said to be the greatest nuclear cover up of all time
    3. dam broke causing lots of waste to go down stream
    4. was not considered a major disaster
  • John Lennon Shot

    John Lennon Shot
    1. shot by chapmen
    2. shot five times
    3. first shot missed
    4. next four hit him
    5. alll fatal
  • INF treaty

    INF treaty
    1. between US and Russia
    2. ended medium range nuclear missles
    3. between Reagan and Gorbachev
    4. happened in Washinton D.C.
  • Challenger Explodes

    Challenger Explodes
    1. explded wit h7 members on board
    2. malfunction in engine
    3. people survived exploshion but not water
  • Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square
    1. Happened in Baijing China
    2. Chinease wanted same comunist rights as china
    3. to get this they did stikes and military got involved 4.
  • Berlin wall

    Berlin wall
    1. president regan made speach to tear down wall.
    2. complete caose
    3. people who tried to cross wer shot
  • Dessertstorm

    1. Was the beginning of the war in Iraq
    2. Started when Iraq invaded Kuwait 3.
  • Magic Johnson anounces he has aids

    Magic Johnson anounces he has aids
    1. was believed to only be in gays
    2. Ended Majic's career
    3. after Majoc got it it became very well know disease and people actually became informed about it.
  • Oaklahoma City

    Oaklahoma City
    1. was a big bombing
    2. was a car bomb
    3. killed hundreds of people 4.done by timothy micbay who was american
  • George V. Bush Electred

    George V. Bush Electred
    1. vice preident was Dick Chaney
    2. served 2 terms
    3. was president during 9-11
  • World trade centers attacked

    World trade centers attacked
    1. plane flew into them
    2. in new yok
    3. town became caose